How To Attract Better Auto Repair Clients

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EPISODE: 026 – How To Attract Better Auto Repair Clients


Hey friends! Welcome to our newest episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast. 

When working with higher-performing shops, they aren’t always looking for more cars. We very often hear that they’re looking to attract higher-quality clients. But how do you do that with your marketing? We answer that question in this episode of The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast.

Talking Points

  • Higher quality marketing
    • Your marketing needs to reflect that you are a high-end shop
    • The overall brand itself
      • Community perception
      • Brand style guide
  • Know like trust (going to record an episode on this)
  • Concierge-like customer service
  • Appearance matters
    • Appearance of the staff
    • Waiting area
    • Bathroom
    • The inside of the shop
    • Parking lot – (this is where they come to die)  
    • Outside of the building
  • Ask your best clients to refer their friends
  • Price out the lower-end clients

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