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Here at Shop Marketing Pros, we believe in teaching as a valuable way to connect with shop owners, help them with their marketing, and inspire them to put effective marketing measures in place at their shop.
We are honored to have The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast as part of Carm Capriotto’s Aftermarket Radio Network. In our podcasts you will hear from former shop owners, now marketers Brian and Kim Walker, our Shop Marketing Pros professional team members, coaches in the industry, shop owners, and other industry professionals.

It is our goal that every moment you spend listening leaves you with impactful ideas and inspiration to improve your marketing. If at anytime you have a question, feel free to contact us at anytime!

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Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Episode 104: Features Brian & Kim Walker. Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side against a blue background with a microphone graphic.

Finding and Creating Content

EPISODE: 104 – Finding and Creating Content

Want to create content that really connects with your audience? Learn how to identify what your customers need, personalize content from your shop, and tap into local community insights for better[…]

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Walker’s Hierarchy of Marketing Needs

EPISODE: 101 – Walker’s Hierarchy of Marketing Needs

When it comes to marketing there’s an order to things. You want to build on a solid foundation. You shouldn’t just focus on the marketing tactics you are most interested in[…]

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A Meeting Of The Marketing Minds

EPISODE: 100 – A Meeting Of The Marketing Minds

In episode 100 of The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, we invite Tony Mercury from AutoShop Solutions, Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg from Turnkey Marketing, Connor Tracy from Kukui, and Kelsey Outram from Lift Auto Repair Marketing to join us

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