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Here at Shop Marketing Pros, we believe in teaching as a valuable way to connect with shop owners, help them with their marketing, and inspire them to put effective marketing measures in place at their shop.
We are honored to have The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast as part of Carm Capriotto’s Aftermarket Radio Network. In our podcasts you will hear from former shop owners, now marketers Brian and Kim Walker, our Shop Marketing Pros professional team members, coaches in the industry, shop owners, and other industry professionals.

It is our goal that every moment you spend listening leaves you with impactful ideas and inspiration to improve your marketing. If at anytime you have a question, feel free to contact us at anytime!

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Naming Your Auto Repair Shop

EPISODE: 086 – Naming Your Auto Repair Shop

Our first auto repair shop was named “Behind the Star”. That may make you want to stop listening right now as we clearly had no idea what we were doing. But if we learn[…]

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Our Story of Radio Advertising

EPISODE: 085 – Our Story of Radio Advertising

One topic we rarely talk about is radio, yet we have a story of very successfully using radio advertising to market our own auto repair shop. Radio was[…]

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Failing Forward in Marketing

EPISODE: 084 – Failing Forward in Marketing

In a world where so many great lessons come from failing, people are afraid of failure. We see this a lot, especially when it comes to marketing. Every time you learn something that[…]

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Pros On The Road 2024

EPISODE: 083 – Pros On The Road 2024

In this episode, Kim and Brian talk about the conferences and other events they will be attending and teaching at in 2024. These conferences are great opportunities to[…]

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An Annual Theme For Your Marketing

EPISODE: 080 – An Annual Theme For Your Marketing

In this podcast episode, Brian and Kim welcome guest Caroline Legrande to discuss the concept of adopting an annual theme for business. They explore how a[…]

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Hope After Bankruptcy

EPISODE: 079 – Hope After Bankruptcy

In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Kim and Brian Walker discuss the topic of bankruptcy with industry coaches[…]

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