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Your marketing shouldn’t make your shop look like every other auto repair shop in town. You want trusted advisors, not order takers. We share those sentiments, and we’re glad you’re here.

Personalized marketing that helps your clients get to know, like, and trust you & your team.

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We see it all the time…

Your shop is the best shop in town. You know it and your existing clients know it. You’ve built a great business and it’s time to take it to the next level, but your current marketing provider just isn’t getting it done. They don’t know you because they never talk to you. Your marketing is doing nothing to differentiate you from your competitors, so why should someone choose your shop? It’s time to make a change.

This Changed Everything!

“As former shop owners, we know what it’s like to genuinely be better than the competition only to see the competition getting all of the work. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. It wasn’t until we learned to differentiate ourselves that it all turned around…”

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Time-Tested Marketing methods Catered Strategically to Your Repair Shop

See the growth in your business you’ve been working so hard for by using time-proven marketing that works, fueled to go further by your shops uniqueness.

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Digital Advertising

We put your shop in front of the people in your area so they can choose to do business with you.

Social Media

We share your knowledge and culture with your audience so they can know, like, and trust you.

SEO & Pay-Per-Click

SEO & Pay-Per-Click Ads We get you found when people are looking – and we show you what we’re doing. No smoke and mirrors.

Website Design

When someone searches and finds you online, we make a great first impression.

Our Plan

At Shop Marketing Pros, we do things differently. We don’t create some generic social media post and then send it out to all of our client’s Facebook pages. We believe that each shop is unique and their marketing should tell their story. You won’t get “copy/paste” marketing from us. Here’s our plan:

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We get to know you and your company so we can market your auto repair shop and reach more potential clients.

We stay in touch with you to know what’s happening in your auto repair shop so we can make your marketing unique.

Our team does your marketing for you so you have peace of mind knowing it’s done and done well.

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Our Promise To You

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Built Around You

There’s no copy-and-paste with us. We get to know you and build a content strategy around your business and expertise. This means your website, social media, and marketing strategy won’t be the same old cookie-cutter content.

Listen to What Some of Our Clients Have to Say:

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Darrin Barney
Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair
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Alissa and Doug DeLucca
Boca Auto Fix
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Scott Pelava
Lonsdale Auto Works
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Don’t you deserve to have a thriving business?

Are you tired of trying to attract new clients by offering cheap oil changes only to never see them again? Are marginal profits causing you stress and anxiety? Is shop morale not the highest because your technicians aren’t turning enough hours to feed their families?

This Changed Everything!

“As former shop owners, we know what it’s like to genuinely be better than the competition only to see the competition getting all of the work. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. It wasn’t until we learned to differentiate ourselves when it all turned around.

We had an incredibly loyal following with our client base. The problem was, the client base was too small. We were the best kept secret in our town when it came to auto repair. But you NEVER, EVER want your business to be a secret.

One day my wife was in the waiting area when a lady was there dropping off her car for the first time. Our service advisor asked her how she’d heard about us, just like we asked every client. Her response was “My friend brings her car here and she told me how good y’all are with women”. It was at that point where Kim had an epiphany.

We had done some things to set ourselves apart. Our waiting room was like a very nice living room. Our service advisors wore ties. We had a cafe area, a massage chair, a children’s play area, and a baby changing station in the bathroom. Keep in mind, this was 2005 before this had become the norm.

We knew we were different. We knew we had created a really nice experience. What we never realized was the impression we’d made on our female clients. As we started talking to our clients and asking about it, it became so obvious.

Kim decided to go all-in on this and we started marketing ourselves as “The Triangle’s Most Female Friendly Shop”.

ALL of our marketing included this messaging and was focused on marketing to women. The funny thing is, the marketing worked just as well to men, because they wanted a place they could send their wives and daughters and know they would be respected and treated well.

This – Changed – Everything

Your shop may not be the most female friendly shop in your area. That’s probably not going to be your differentiator. But if you’re not telling people how your shop is different, then you’re just another auto repair shop, and that gives NOBODY a reason to become your client.” – Brian Walker (Owner, CEO).

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