Relationships Matter; Because Nobody’s Perfect

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EPISODE: 012 – Relationships Matter; Because Nobody’s Perfect


Hey friends! Welcome to our newest episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast. Today it’s a little different because we kicked Brian out! It’s just the ladies today and I have a very special guest, friend, and client: Mrs. Jen Rindflesh of Collinsville Auto Repair in Canton, CT. 

Talking Points

  • This podcast came from a chat Jen and I had about two weeks ago. 
  • What we learned was the parallel between our relationship as marketers and your (Jen) relationship as the shop.
  • Custom, personalized marketing 
    • takes time
    • requires collaboration
    • needs open communication
  • What we did was not perfect, the content was off – the discussion that happened
  • Patience building a relationship
  • Trusting your partners
  • When mishaps happen: listen, learn, move forward
  • Understanding different ways things are said in various regions of the country
  • Communication, communication, communication

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