Can Company Culture Have Anything To Do With Marketing?

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EPISODE: 021 – Can Company Culture Have Anything To Do With Marketing?


Aren’t core values something you just hang on your wall and forget about? That’s how I used to feel about them until I had an enlightening. Core values and culture spread throughout your organization – even into your marketing. Kim and I have a conversation about marketing, culture, and core values in this episode. We hope you’ll listen in!

Talking Points

  • Mission. Vision. Values. Everyone talks about them, but not everyone lives them.
  • If you have them – 
    • can you recite them? 
    • Does your team know them – by heart? 
    • Are they so much a part of your company that your customers know them?
  • We were that company. Had them but they lived in a Google Doc or in a frame on the wall that people just walked past. 
  • How we developed our core values.
  • Where are they?
    • On the wall
    • Throughout our website, social, and other marketing
    • On our careers page, interviews, etc
    • In our onboarding
    • In our daily conversations
    • Reviews, Check-ins, Staff Meetings
  • Shieldys 
  • We live them. They’re in us. 

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