What’s Your Story? Talking Video With Patrick Egan

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EPISODE: 009 – What’s Your Story? Talking Video With Patrick Egan


Patrick Egan is the founder of Spark Interactive, a video production company that tells the stories of auto repair shops throughout the country. Patrick is an automotive industry veteran and has been in thousands of shops. Brian talks to Patrick about how shops are using video in their marketing and why it is the most effective medium you can use.

Talking Points

  • Patrick has literally been inside of thousands of auto repair shops
  • People feel like they know you when they see and hear you on video
  • There is no better way to tell a story than through video
  • Creating great video is something you can do yourself, but it’s probably better left up to the professional
  • Patrick talks about the investment to have video done professionally for your shop

How To Get In Touch with Patrick at Spark Interactive

Website – https://www.sparkinteractive.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sparkinteractive
Phone – 805-403-3462

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