You Fix the Cars, We’ll Keep Them Coming

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“I just had a client call me up to tell me we’ve done a great job with our newsletter and social media posts, and he’s one of many customers that are noticing. We’re in the business of fixing cars, not marketing an automotive repair shop, so I would prefer to leave that to experts like Shop Marketing Pros so I can focus on what we’re really good at: taking care of our clients.” 

– Stephen Beatty, CAMS Automotive

We see it all the time…

3 of the Many Reasons:

Years of Experience
We’ve worked with hundreds of clients with local, service-based businesses just like yours. We know what needs to be done to keep a steady flow of new and repeat clients walking through your doors.

We Don’t Overcomplicate Things
At the core of what we do lies the fundamental basics of marketing. We do what works and we leave the magic bullets to the other guys. We use time-proven tactics that just simply – works.

We Do What We Say We’ll Do
No smoke and mirrors here. We tell you up front what we’re going to do – and we do it. Your marketing is going to make you smile, both because you didn’t have to do it, and because it’s so darn good.

portrait of Kim and Brian Walker

Brian and Kim Walker are veterans of the automotive industry. As fellow shop owners, they’ve been involved in the industry serving in leadership roles with the Automotive Service Association of North Carolina, and they currently teach at industry events throughout the country. They know the challenges that shop owners face and they work tirelessly to see the shops they serve thrive. Brian and Kim have been featured in Motor Age Magazine and Auto Inc., and other trade publications.

Our Plan Is Simple:

Stop with the random, gimmicky marketing, and commit to a long-term strategy of consistent marketing using time-proven, foundational techniques.

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SEO & Pay-Per-Click Ads

SEO & Pay-Per-Click Ads We get you found when people are looking – and we show you what we’re doing. No smoke and mirrors.

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Website Design

When someone searches and finds you online, we make a great first impression.

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Digital Advertising

We put your shop in front of the people in your area so they can choose to do business with you.

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Social Media

We share your knowledge and culture with your audience so they can know, like, and trust you.

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Email Marketing

We bring your current clients back more often, and keep your name in front of them consitently.

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Video Strategy

Video Strategy We help lay the groundwork to help you answer your customers questions and tell your story.

Do you Know How To Market?

To Double, Triple, or even QUADRUPLE Your Business?

“ I wasn’t consistent with my marketing and now, since I’ve started working with Shop Marketing Pros, sales have definitely increased. I’ve hired 3 new technicians since I started working with them and I’m constantly hearing from my customers ‘I found you online’. It’s like having an inhouse marketing team they get to know you them take it and run with it.“ 

– Tim Switzer, RV Masters

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