Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Episode 87: The Off-Road to Success: Darrin Barney's Journey in 4x4s and Business Coaching, featuring Brian & Kim Walker. Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side

The Off-Road to Success: Darrin Barney’s Journey in 4x4s and Business Coaching

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EPISODE: 087 – The Off-Road to Success: Darrin Barney’s Journey in 4x4s and Business Coaching

In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Brian and Kim chat with Darrin Barney, owner of Barney Brothers Off Road and Elite Worldwide. They explore Darrin’s background in off-roading, his family’s involvement in the business, and his journey through financial challenges to rebuild his business. The discussion also covers the importance of customer service, the technicalities of running a specialized off-road shop, and the benefits of coaching for business owners. Darrin’s personal stories underscore the significance of work-life balance and the positive impact of mentorship in overcoming business struggles.

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Outdoor Adventures and Family Culture (00:00:53)
The hosts and guest discuss their shared experiences in outdoor activities, particularly off-roading, and the impact of family culture on their businesses.

Off-Roading and Team Building (00:01:35)
The conversation shifts to the off-roading event where the hosts joined the guest’s team, emphasizing the importance of getting out of the business environment to learn about people.

Influence of Family Culture (00:02:24)
The guest shares how his family’s love for outdoor activities and off-roading has been integrated into their family culture, influencing their children’s upbringing.

Early Off-Roading Experiences (00:04:33)
The guest reminisces about his early experiences with off-roading, starting with his father’s 1946 Willys and how it shaped his passion for the activity.

Off-Roading Environments (00:06:28)
Discussion about the diverse off-roading environments, including the challenges of mud and the beauty of the landscapes where they engage in off-roading activities.

Shared Love for Off-Roading Locations (00:08:44)
The hosts express their admiration for a favorite off-roading location and share a personal anecdote about their experiences there.

First Jobs and Passion for Customer Service (00:10:39)
The guest shares his first paying jobs, including building tennis courts and managing a western wear store, emphasizing his passion for customer service and making a difference in people’s lives.

Barn Brothers Offroad (00:12:31)
Darrin shares the story of how Barn Brothers Offroad came to be and the challenges they faced.

Learning from Bob and Kim (00:13:21)
Darrin talks about the valuable lessons he learned from the owners of Fort Collins 4×4, Bob and Kim, and the importance of connecting with customers.

Starting the Business (00:14:07)
Darrin discusses the initial challenges and the support from his family in starting the business.

Growing the Business (00:16:13)
Darrin reflects on the growth of the business, the need for coaching, and the impact of learning from mistakes.

RepairPal Sponsorship (00:17:25)
A discussion about RepairPal and its benefits for auto repair shops.

Challenges of Owning a Specialty Shop (00:19:20)
Darrin shares insights into the challenges of owning a specialty shop and the importance of being prepared for daily uncertainties.

Recruiting Specialized Technicians (00:23:12)
The conversation shifts to recruiting specialized technicians and the diverse range of tasks they may encounter.

Specialty Shop Marketing (00:24:34)
Discussion on marketing strategies for specialty auto repair shops and the importance of showcasing fun activities.

Understanding Your Customer (00:25:00)
Emphasizing the need to understand the customer’s expectations and interests in marketing a specialty shop.

Customer Excitement (00:26:33)
Highlighting the difference in customer excitement between traditional auto repair and specialty off-road services.

Off-Roading Adventures (00:27:07)
The rewarding experience of participating in off-roading activities and the joy of helping customers achieve the unexpected.

Passion for Coaching (00:30:33)
The speaker’s passion for coaching and the impact of coaching on their life and business.

Freedom and Coaching (00:32:47)
The speaker’s goal to provide freedom and guidance to shop owners through coaching, based on personal experiences.

Impact of Coaching (00:33:46)
The transformative impact of coaching on business and personal life, emphasizing the need for guidance and direction.

Coaching Success (00:34:56)
The speaker’s realization of the benefits of following coaching advice and the positive impact on their business.

Family Impact and Business Vision (00:35:53)
Discussion on the residual impact of family experiences on work ethic and empathy in business.

Coaching and Mentorship (00:37:06)
The importance of mentorship and coaching in preventing business struggles and handling tough situations.

Expanding Coaching Services (00:39:01)
Elite Worldwide’s ability to assist boat repair shops and other non-standard automotive repair businesses.

Speed Round with Darrin Barney (00:39:20)
Quick-fire questions and answers on personal preferences and interests.

Favorite Book and Music Passion (00:40:12)
Discussion on a favorite book and the passion for music and recording.

Contact Information and Farewell (00:41:19)
How to reach out to Darrin Barney and closing remarks on the podcast episode.

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