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Marketing For Fleet Work

EPISODE: 035 – Marketing For Fleet Work

Being the auto repair shop for fleet customers requires a different way of marketing. You’re not going to gain fleet customers doing the[…]

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How to Create The Perfect Careers Page

EPISODE: 030 – How to Create The Perfect Careers Page

With the challenges of hiring post-pandemic in an industry where there is an actual shortage of skilled labor, it’s important that you do everything you[…]

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Creating Your Own Economy

EPISODE: 029 – Creating Your Own Economy

As we approach 2023 I know a lot of people are concerned about what the year may bring from an economic standpoint. The financial gurus can’t seem to[…]

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Car Count Isn’t Your Problem

EPISODE: 028 – Car Count Isn’t Your Problem

Today our guest is Chris Cotton, owner of AutoFix Auto Repair Coaching, and also host of The Weekly Blitz with Chris Cotton – which is also part of[…]

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