Accelerating Ambition: A Fearless and Youthful Approach to Shop Marketing

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EPISODE: 075 – Accelerating Ambition: A Fearless and Youthful Approach to Shop Marketing

In this episode, Kim interviews two young ladies who have taken over the marketing roles in their families’ auto repair shops. Calla Bourdeau of Rowes Garage and Callie Grace Burris of Frog Pond Performance talk about their roles, the challenges they face, and what it’s like to be young marketers in the world of auto repair. They also give advice to other young professionals who may be considering a career in marketing.

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Callie Grace’s Shop and Marketing Journey (00:03:10)
Callie Grace talks about her family’s shop, Frog Pond Performance, and how she took over the marketing efforts.

Calla’s Introduction to Rose Garage (00:04:18)
Calla shares how she got involved in her brother’s business, Rose Garage, and the tasks she handles, including social media marketing.

Callie Grace’s Experience at ASTE (00:05:52)
Callie Grace discusses her experience attending ASTE, the collaboration among industry professionals, and the classes she found helpful.

Introduction of Callie and Calla and their ages, discussing their involvement in the shop.

Discussion about family involvement in the shop, including siblings and in-laws.

The transition into marketing roles and the reasons behind choosing marketing as a focus.

Facebook Groups for Industry Connection (00:17:01)
Discussion about the value of Facebook groups, particularly for women in the automotive industry.

Marketing Gratification and Video Pet Peeves (00:20:16)
Sharing the satisfaction of successful social media posts and content creation, along with the dislike of being on camera.

Challenges with Voice and Video (00:22:01)
Personal experiences of feeling self-conscious about voice and appearance in videos, and the realization of the importance of video in marketing.

The importance of learning from marketing failures (00:23:49)
Discussion on the experience of posting content that does not perform well and the importance of learning from failures to improve future marketing strategies.

Recommendation: “The Ultimate Guide to Auto Repair Marketing” (00:25:42)
Both speakers highlight the book as a helpful resource for marketing strategies in the auto repair industry.

The significance of connecting with the target audience (00:28:38)
Discussion on the importance of understanding and connecting with the specific audience of the shop’s social media page to tailor the marketing message effectively.

Callie’s pursuit of nursing (00:30:12)
Deciding to pursue nursing while still being involved in marketing.

Support and encouragement for the guest’s career plans and future endeavors.

Discussing uncertainty about future career paths and experiences gained so far.

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