The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 55. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "How EOS Drives SMART Marketing w/ Tim Stoll". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

How EOS Drives SMART Marketing w/ Tim Stoll

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EPISODE: 055 – How EOS Drives SMART Marketing w/ Tim Stoll


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Talking Points

Are you struggling to align your team and drive marketing success in your business? In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Brian, Kim, and Tim Stoll, an EOS Implementer, discuss how EOS can help businesses achieve their marketing goals. A valuable lesson from this podcast is the importance of using EOS to increase accountability and collaboration within the team, which ultimately leads to more successful marketing strategies and business growth. The speakers highlight the key elements of a successful marketing strategy, including defining the target market, identifying unique selling points, establishing a proven process, and offering a guarantee. They also stress the importance of measuring progress through the scorecard and using the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) to create a strategic plan for the business. If you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, this podcast is a must-listen!

EOS and Marketing (00:00:10)
The speakers discuss how EOS can improve marketing and how it is an important component for any organization.

Tim Stoll’s Background and Becoming an EOS Implementer (00:02:06)
Tim Stoll talks about his background in the chemical industry and how he became an EOS implementer.

Quarterly Conversations and Accountability (00:04:44)
Brian talks about how EOS and Profit First have been the difference maker in their business and how quarterly conversations have helped them solve issues before they become big problems.

Improved team alignment and accountability (00:07:18)
Brian and Kim discuss how implementing EOS has allowed them to focus on their strengths and delegate tasks to their team members, resulting in improved team alignment and accountability.

Defining target market (00:09:29)
The speakers discuss the importance of defining a target market in marketing and how EOS helps businesses to identify their ideal customers.

Three uniques (00:13:52)
The concept of three uniques is introduced as a term used in EOS. The speakers do not elaborate on this concept in this segment.

Defining Your Uniques (00:13:56)
The speakers discuss the importance of defining what makes a business unique and how it differentiates them from competitors.

The Proven Process (00:16:34)
The proven process is a one-page graphic that shows the relationship between a business and its clients. It helps to build loyalty and can be used in various marketing channels.

The Guarantee (00:18:52)
The guarantee is a way to take objections off the table and make it easier for customers to do business with a company. In the world of auto repair, it is usually an extended warranty or a nationwide warranty program.

Accountability Chart (00:21:18)
The accountability chart is a tool that defines who is responsible for what in an organization, beyond titles and positions. The marketing function is a key part of the chart, and its accountabilities depend on the company and industry.

Meeting Pulse and Scorecard (00:25:26)
The EOS system includes a meeting pulse that reduces the number of meetings while increasing productivity. The scorecard measures activity, not just results, and provides automatic accountability for achieving goals. The scorecard includes measures such as the number of pieces of content produced, the growth of a private Facebook group, and the number of leads coming in.

Weekly Scorecards (00:29:05)
The speakers discuss the benefits of using weekly scorecards to track marketing numbers and trends, and how it helps make data-based decisions.

Rocks (00:31:48)
The speakers explain what rocks are in EOS, which are 90-day goals that help businesses focus on important things to accomplish both at the company and personal level.

Access to Implementer (00:34:41)
The speakers emphasize the importance of having access to an EOS implementer in between sessions, and how they can help with questions and provide tools to use.

Implementing EOS (00:35:56)
The speakers discuss the benefits of hiring an EOS implementer for businesses and how it can improve team alignment and accountability.

The Vision Traction Organizer (00:37:55)
The Vision Traction Organizer is a two-page strategic plan that is revisited every quarter to ensure it is still relevant. The eight questions that are answered on the organizer are discussed.

Ten-Year Target (00:41:41)
The speakers discuss the difficulty of coming up with a ten-year target and the importance of having a big, inspiring goal that can be communicated to employees. They share their own ten-year target of being known as the best auto repair marketing company in America.

Creating a Three-Year Picture (00:43:46)
The speakers discuss the importance of creating a three-year picture for a business, including revenue and profit targets, and how it helps with team alignment and achieving goals.

Defining Quarterly Rocks (00:48:07)
The speakers explain the concept of “rocks” in EOS, which are 90-day goals that help businesses achieve their yearly and three-year targets. They discuss how rocks can be used in marketing, such as building a podcast studio or creating videos, and how they help with accountability and getting things done.

Benefits of EOS for Marketing (00:49:58)
The speakers discuss how EOS can benefit marketing efforts, including setting marketing goals and budgets, and how it helps with team alignment and accountability. They also mention how EOS can be implemented in the automotive industry and how to find an EOS implementer.

Finding the right EOS Implementer (00:50:56)
The importance of finding an EOS Implementer that fits well with the business owner and their team.

First step to implementing EOS (00:51:56)
Advice on the first step for an automotive repair shop owner interested in implementing EOS: call an EOS Implementer for a conversation and a 90-minute meeting.

Passion for EOS (00:53:40)
The hosts express their passion for EOS and how it has helped their business.

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