The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 49. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "What Is ADA Compliance And How Does It Affect My Website?". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

What Is ADA Compliance And How Does It Affect My Website?

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EPISODE: 049 – What Is ADA Compliance And How Does It Affect My Website?


More and more privately owned businesses have been the victims of ADA Title III compliance lawsuits than ever before, and a growing number of these lawsuits are due to lack of compliance on the business’ website.

It’s more important than ever that your auto repair shop’s website is compliant.

Join Brian in this episode to talk about what it means for shop’s website to be ADA compliant.

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Talking Points

  • I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice
  • Just like your office door needs a ramp and bathroom needs handrails, your website needs to be able to be viewed by those with vision and hearing impairments
  • This is not just total blindness and deafness but any impairments including colorblindness, poor vision, and hard of hearing.
  • There are 2 main reasons you need your website to be ADA compliant
    • The number of lawsuits happening
    • It’s the right thing to do
  • What makes a website ADA compliant?
    • Over 100 factors
    • Most important factors are:
      • Skip nav
      • Image alt text
      • Proper heading structure
      • Labels on form fields
      • Contrasting colors
      • Clear, easy to read fonts
      • Descriptive link text
      • Subtitles on videos
  • We use a free plugin with some nice features
  • I won’t guarantee a website ADA compliant
  • Do the basics and you’re probably good to go. Remember, I am not an attorney.
  • Where to start – 


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