The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Episode 40. Brian & Kim Walker talking about the topic "How to Shift Your Marketing When You’re Busy". Sponsored by Repair Pal.

How to Shift Your Marketing When You’re Busy

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EPISODE: 040 – How to Shift Your Marketing When You’re Busy


This shop is too slow. This shop is too busy. This shop doesn’t know either way. It wasn’t long ago that we heard a good bit of chatter regarding shops who were experiencing slow days but most recently we have experienced shops on the other end of the spectrum. They’re too busy and have mentioned pausing their marketing. In this episode, we discuss what shops can do to shift their marketing instead of stopping all together.

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Talking Points

  • The too-busy shop trend – sound crazy, but true.
  • Mistake: stop marketing. Busy today does not mean busy tomorrow.
    • Stopping all marketing creates a roller coaster effect
    • Everything is great until one day it isn’t
    • Do you own a business or do you own a job? It’s time to grow up.
  • Never stop marketing; pivot instead.
    • Change messaging to less sales/promotion and more culture
    • Start hiring
    • Focus on brand building
  • Messaging Shift to:
    • More company culture
    • Brand awareness
    • Great Place to work
  • Customer Acquisition
    • Ads
    • Community Relations
    • Social Media
    • SEO
  • Customer Retention
    • Emails
    • Texting
    • Social Media

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Until next time – go fill those bays!

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