The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast with Brian and Kim Walker, Episode 23, titled "13 Foundational Marketing Tactics For Every Auto Repair Shop" Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side.

13 Foundational Marketing Tactics For Every Auto Repair Shop

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EPISODE: 023 – 13 Foundational Marketing Tactics For Every Auto Repair Shop


Auto repair shop owners and business owners, in general, like to chase shiny objects, and marketing is no exception – and sometimes those shiny objects are worth chasing – but not until you have the foundations in place first. So what are the foundations when it comes to marketing? Kim and I answer that in this episode.

Talking Points

  • What if everything you know about marketing is actually what’s holding your business back?
  • 1- Have a Great Website
  • 2 – Get your SEO right
  • 3 – Send a Monthly Email Newsletter
  • 4 – Post on Social Media Regularly
  • 5 – Embrace Pictures and Video
  • 6 – Boost Facebook Posts
  • 7 – Do Google Ads
  • 8 – Be nice to people
  • 9 – Focus on getting reviews
  • 10 – Join and Get Involved With Your LocalChambers of Commerce
  • 11 – Join a BNI Group
  • 12 – Embrace Community Involvement
  • 13 – Actually Fix the Cars

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