Keywords in Reviews – Adding Fuel to the Fire

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EPISODE: 003 – Keywords in Reviews – Adding Fuel to the Fire

Using keywords in reviews isn’t exactly a new trick, but a recent experience on a trip to Key West brought this to the top of our minds and resulted in this episode. Listen in to learn a way to make those great reviews you have perform at an even higher level, bringing in people who are searching for auto repair services in ways that you may never think to optimize for.

Key Talking Points

  • 2:30 – how people search by voice
  • 3:10 – people don’t even have to click into your website anymore
  • 4:28 – Google doesn’t want people to leave Google
  • 5:20 – the story about what happened in Key West
  • 11:00 – how to make this work for your auto repair shop
  • 14:00 – how to get people to use your preferred keywords in reviews
  • 15:25 – it’s not just Google reviews we’re talking about
  • 19:05 – the 4 types of keywords you want in your reviews

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