The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast with Brian and Kim Walker, Episode 20, titled "One Thing We’d Implement Immediately If We Still Had Our Shop" Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side.

One Thing We’d Implement Immediately If We Still Had Our Shop

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EPISODE: 020 – One Thing We’d Implement Immediately If We Still Had Our Shop


There’s no lack of discussion about this topic throughout the Aftermarket Radio Network, but it’s made such an impact on our business that we have to add in our thoughts. The thing that we’d implement… is EOS. The Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS will fix nearly any problem in your business, and we’ll never run another business without it. Listen to hear why we’re so passionate about it!

Talking Points

  • EOS: Entrepreneurial Operating System
  • Core Values, Vision, 3 Year & 1 Year Goals, 10-Year, 
  • L10, Departmental L10’s, Operational L10
  • Firefighting, no more. 
  • Can’t go on vacation? 
  • EOS sets a plan, process and a place to look to and achieve. It empowers people. It creates team camaraderie, and company culture. 
  • How we would see EOS working in a shop? 
    • Leadership
    • Front of House (service advisors, customer service)
    • Back of House (techs, parts, tools)
  • Lots of shops are EOS Shops! Check out Barry Barrett (former shop owner, Sales Trainer, and EOS Implementor) on the ARN with Carm! 

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