How Do You Create Great Social Media Content For An Auto Repair Shop?

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So, you read our blog on finding content and you snapped a few photos of your shop, the team, and of some super neat repairs your team has handled. Now it’s time to share it! If there is one thing we hear that is more daunting to auto repair shops than getting comfortable with finding […]

2 Things Auto Repair Shops Should Be Talking About Right Now

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Prefer to listen? Use the player to listen or read below. As I write this article it’s March of 2022 and Russia has invaded Ukraine. You’re probably already asking yourself what this has to do with marketing an auto repair shop. Well, there are a couple of things you need to be talking about in […]

Where to FIND Content?

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Do you ever look at the upcoming month on your calendar and find yourself wondering how you’ll ever fill it with content? Or, where in the world will you ever come up with enough capturing ideas? It’s no secret that being in a constant creative state is tough. You’ll find yourself running into dead ends, […]

Boosting Your Auto Repair Shop Boosted Posts on Facebook

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Here I was watching TV and scrolling through Facebook when I saw a Facebook boosted post from a friend of mine in the auto repair industry.  It made me “slow my scroll.” That’s a lie. It STOPPED my scrolling because I said to myself, “oh, no….I have to share this with him!”. The thing is, […]

Hiring Auto Repair Shop Technicians in the Digital Age

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“We’re in desperate need of a new technician.” This is an obstacle almost every one of our clients has faced this year. The truth is, good auto repair techs are hard to come by, and the even sadder truth is that the hiring shortage our country has faced this year did not help. Most great […]

Planning a Trunk-or-Treat for Your Auto Repair Shop

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It’s October and that means two things: pumpkin spice + Halloween. No, like, really.  While it’s surely a cool treat to add pumpkin spice coffee to your snack area in the waiting room, I want to help you plan a really fun event for your community that will bring new folks to your auto repair […]

The Party’s Not Over When It’s Over

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Whether you’ve been planning your special event for months or weeks, marketing for your auto repair shop is critical to getting people to show up. So much goes into it before, during, and after the event. That’s right, and the party’s not over when it’s over. One big piece of event marketing comes in the […]

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop’s Own Web Properties

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop's Own Web Properties

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy to reach your audience for free; but it would be a mistake to trust all of your marketing efforts to these platforms alone.
These 3rd-party platforms, as they’re called, offer tremendous benefits as you look to grow your auto repair shop. But these platforms are rented land. They’re owned by corporations that have nothing to do with your shop.
In this article, we cover many ways you can invest in creating content and building web properties that are your own. Read along, listen to the audio version, or listen via Video.

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