Do you ever look at the upcoming month on your calendar and find yourself wondering how you’ll ever fill it with content? Or, where in the world will you ever come up with enough capturing ideas?

It’s no secret that being in a constant creative state is tough. You’ll find yourself running into dead ends, burnout, and creative blocks if you don’t have a plan. Planning out your upcoming month is a key element to ensure your content is strategically placed and not repetitive. In turn, this helps grow your audience and raise your engagement which are two difficult things to accomplish.

Here are some of our favorite go-to’s when planning our upcoming months’ social content.

Incorporate personalized content.

One way to ensure you’re grabbing your audience’s attention is to make sure they see your team’s smiling faces. Customers thrive off of seeing your company highlight their favorite employees by celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, or any other awesome successes! This creates company culture and helps to represent what your shop stands for.

Show them your niche.

Your customers follow you for a reason. They want to see the action that takes place behind the scenes. If you have a swagged-out car pull into your lot, they want to see it. If you have an opportunity to use a piece of your equipment that other shops may not own, they want to know how to use it. Show your customers how you stand out from your competitors, and why they should choose you above them. Customers love to see you proud of the work you do; show off a little!

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Show off your roots.

How are you involved in your community? Most of your customers are from around your area, and they want to support a shop that supports their local cities. When your team gets involved in the community, make sure to share it. Give as many details as possible and personalize it so your audience can relate to you on a deeper level.

Instagram and Facebook post for client for tires and tire service info found on their website

What’s on your website?

When gathering information about our clients, the first place we check is their website. It contains numerous amounts of information on what services they provide, current promotions, and types of cars they service. While your website may be spectacular, some of your customers may not visit it. By highlighting services, promotions, and cars on your social media channels, you’re able to relay certain information to multiple platforms and get your message across in a different way.

Blog it up.

If you have an idea, make it a blog. As you may have seen on other websites, many shops have numerous blogs pertaining to different areas of expertise. They are a great tool to expand on and use to create multiple posts throughout your monthly planning process. For example, if your blog has 5 tips on tires, create 5 different social media posts!

Currently hiring?

Aside from posting your job listing on Indeed, Craigslist, and/or posting the open position to your Facebook business page, make sure to spread the word that you’re hiring on all social media platforms. This not only gives you a piece of content to post every week but reaches a different audience as well. You’re also able to make sure you’re using every possible outlet to amplify your listing.

Use filler content.

Lastly, when you find yourself not knowing how to fill in those extra days, here are some evergreen ideas that always keep your content fresh.

  • Customer reviews: be proud of your 5-star reviews and what your customers have to say about your shop. Shout it out! Ask for feedback: in addition to posting your latest reviews, ask your customers to leave a review if they have recently serviced their car with you. Let your customers know their feedback matters!

  • National days: each month make sure you’re checking the National Days Calendar to incorporate any fun national holidays that pertain to your shop.

  • Tips and tricks: post fun #TipTuesdays to keep your content relatable to the current season/holiday/weather that will help your customers’ car stay on the right track.

Leave it to to the Pros.

We know that creating and personalizing content is challenging and time-consuming. If you need assistance with any of these bullet points, we’d love to help you! Schedule your discovery call with J.R. today if you want help from the pros.

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