How To Attract High-End Clients

How To Attract High-End Clients with Shop Marketing Pros image of text with color blobs and a mercedes G Wagen in the background

A common question we get when working with our clients is “What can we do to attract high-end clients who will spend money and actually take care of their cars?” This isn’t one of those questions I can answer with a “do this thing, and this will happen” kind of answer. Attracting high-end clients requires […]

How do I promote my brand new auto repair shop?

You decided to take the plunge into owning your own shop! Congratulations. Now, you’ve got a ton of work to do! If you haven’t heard the story of when Brian and I started our first shop – let me share it with you.

What Do I Need To Do When I Move My Auto Repair Shop To A New Location?

What Do I Need To Do When I Move My Auto Repair Shop To A New Location?

Moving an auto repair shop to a new location can be a fun and exciting time. It’s also a tremendous amount of work and can bring a lot of stress if the move isn’t planned out well. This article is going to talk about what you need to do in your marketing when you move your auto repair shop to a new location.

Preparing for Your Repair Shop’s Predictable Slow Times

Preparing for Your Repair Shop's Predictable Slow Times

In any business, there are highs and lows. Times when things are really busy and times when they’re not so busy. Ok, let’s be real: they’re slow. 
In this blog post, I am going to share with you how we figured it out and what we did about it to prepare for future years.

Tips From Shop Owner To Shop Owner On Opening A New Shop

If you’re considering starting your own automotive repair shop, I know you’ll love reading these tips from shop owners. It just so happens that I’ve compiled this list of thoughts from female shop owners. No matter whether you are a man or a woman you will find these thoughts helpful.