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EurAuto Moves from “Basic” to “Epic” Marketing by Partnering with Shop Marketing Pros

“I think there’s other great people out there but I don’t believe that there’s other epic people out there—and that’s what I would consider Shop Marketing Pros to be, is epic.”

Michael Gallini, EurAuto Shop

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Video Strategy Means Success for Email & Social Media Marketing

Part of our email strategy for Michael involves behind-the-scenes looks, via videos and blogs, into the auto repair work that EurAuto does. We are able to showcase what kind of repair jobs EurAuto can do, but the high-quality content also helps to make EurAuto’s customers confident in their technician’s skills and abilities.

Michael wanted a strong and consistent social media presence. Interacting with his audience on social media was just as important as interacting with his customers that come into the shop. To that end, we’ve helped Michael and his team develop a variety of engaging content including informational posts, special offers, behind the scenes looks, and more!

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EurAuto Shop Case Study of website built by Shop Marketing Pros

Website Design

To Michael and EurAuto Shop, perception is everything. When asked about his goals for a new website, he didn’t want to limit himself by feeling too generic or corporate.

We wanted Michael’s personality, passion, and experience to flow to his customers through his website, and we achieved this by creating custom graphics using authentic photography and custom content based on his story, his journey, and his brand.

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“I am not a number to them. I’m an individual. I’m Michael Gallini. They know me for who I am and what I’m about.”

Michael Gallini, Owner of EurAuto Shop
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