Why Use Professionally Written Copy In Your Marketing?

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We’ve mentioned in other posts about the many ways that having a professional to manage aspects of your business – such as social media – can give you a leading edge. Yet, so often when 5 Stones Media meets a customer who wants marketing materials developed, such as web content, brochures, emails or newsletters, etc. the companies insist on writing their own copy. This is often not a good idea, for many reasons.

One reason is that you become too close to it. Being immersed in your profession, you already have an understanding of it like no other. But unless you are a professional writer, it may be difficult to convey the right message in a marketing style of copy that needs to make your readers hooked. Non-marketing writers often skirt around the essential aspects of sales copy, such as the benefits-driven points, calls-to-action or main details of the product or service. Instead, they write in very informational styles that do not sell well.

For example, let’s say you are selling robots or robot-related services. Which sounds more compelling to a customer?

  • “Robots are very useful because they can help you with a variety of tasks.”
  • Or…
  • “Your new robot will enable you to repair your car in minutes, clean your kitchen, vacuum your rug and cook you breakfast every morning.”

This example is just to show you the difference between benefits-driven copywriting and informational copywriting. Someone who understands the marketing industry can write professional marketing copy, just as someone who is a journalist is good at writing press releases or newspaper articles. There are specific niches in copywriting, much like the niches of attorneys who specialize in specific practices of law – i.e. Bankruptcy, family law, injury, etc. – so having a professional marketing copywriter can ensure that you position your products and services in the best light.

Here are 9 reasons for hiring a professional marketing writer:

  • Communicating message in a more compelling way
  • Engaging customers and encouraging them to buy
  • No shot-in-the dark approach
  • Best chance of proper grammar, spelling and error-free content
  • Can convey message in layman’s terms to your target audience
  • Crafts copy that is tailored to your industry
  • Most effective use of time
  • Puts your business in the best words
  • Higher conversions

5 Stones Media can help you write professional content for your marketing copywriting needs. We put your business in the spotlight by writing words that sell your products and services convincingly, appropriately and wisely!

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