How to Know When You’re NOT Ready for Marketing

I own a marketing company. You would think it would be my job to sell you on marketing, right? The truth is, we turn away a lot of potential clients because they’re not ready for marketing. Shop owners, and any small business owners for that matter, tend to think they need marketing when they’re struggling […]

Dominating Marketing Metrics: Is Your Marketing Working?

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. While I don’t believe that’s a literal truth, I understand the sentiment and agree with the overall idea. In marketing, you can certainly make improvements and never measure anything, but how will you know if things actually improved? How will you know […]

Hot Marketing Strategies for Customer Retention

When you think of marketing for your auto repair shop, chances are you’re thinking about running ads on Google or Facebook. Maybe social media or SEO. You imagine an influx of cars in your bays from new customers and current ones and you hope that everyone in town knows who you are. These are acquisition marketing strategies. […]

The Biggest Mistakes Being Made in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Top view of a table with two office workers discussing marketing reports. With laptop, tablet, clipboard, papers reports, and pens on a black table. With Shop Marketing Pros logo on the right upper side and the title “Top Marketing Mistakes Auto Repair Shops Make” at the lower right side.

The Biggest Mistakes Being Made in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing Introduction We’re coming up on June, and I was tasked with writing this article. I had a plan for what it was going to look like, but that went completely out the window. Usually, I write these things in an educational format, but this […]

Prioritizing Marketing on Properties That You Own

TL;DR – Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Squarespace are great marketing tools, but they can suspend your accounts at any time, without notice, and for no apparent reason. You need to have marketing assets that can’t be taken away from you. **************** In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses must embrace various marketing channels to stay […]

Radical Generosity in Your Gifting

Gifting has come very easy for me, but I understand how that is not the case for everyone. We all have our gifts and talents and gifting is one of mine! Being born to teach, connect, and serve I’ve found gifting to be natural for me. While we have our Core Values solidly in place as our […]

What is a Top-Tier Shop?

One of the most challenging things to do in business is to nail down your messaging. The average American sees up to 10,000 advertisements per day. Our brains have learned to tune them out. That means your messaging must be on-point. It needs to be easy to understand and needs to make an impact the second […]

How You Can Use ChatGPT In Your Auto Repair Shop’s Marketing

It’s January 2023 when I’m writing this and AI (artificial intelligence) seems to be the topic of discussion; at least it is in the marketing world. AI isn’t new, but the advancements lately seem pretty incredible to my simple mind. The thing is, they are just barely getting started. The big thing AI is being […]

How To Create The Perfect Careers Page

It’s no secret that hiring is one of the biggest challenges for any small business owner. Take that challenge and add to it the shortage of a particular skillset available in the workforce, like the shortage of techs we have in the auto repair industry, and the problem feels more like a disaster. This means […]

The Benefits of Pairing SEO w/ Your Other Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies

The Benefits of Pairing SEO w/ Your Other Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies

MYTH: All digital marketing strategies work exclusively of one another TRUTH: Your marketing strategies are more effective together! While it is true that marketing tools like Google Ads and Social Media Marketing do not directly impact your SEO rankings, what they will do is boost your results. In order to maximize your marketing effectiveness, it […]