Walker’s Hierarchy of Marketing Needs

It’s been about a year ago now that Matt Fanslow reached out to me and planted this idea of creating a content piece comparing an auto repair shop’s marketing needs to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Maslow’s work, I’ll give a brief introduction when I get into the […]

Failing Forward: Look Back, Learn, and Move On

Failing Forward: Look Back, Learn, and Move On | Shop Marketing Pros

Many years ago, Kim and I were introduced to the concept of “failing forward.” New entrepreneurs are often afraid of failing, but failure is where the lessons take place. Failure is where you learn. Failure is where you get humbled. There isn’t much as dangerous as a young entrepreneur who has had great success and […]

From the Coaches: Annual Marketing Planning

In the spirit of “eating your own dog food”, we cannot preach to automotive repair shops about setting aside time to create their annual marketing plan if we do not do it ourselves. Our date is set and we are pulling in our strategic marketing team to spend time eating our own dog food – […]

How To Market Around The Slow Times In Auto Repair

As I write this, it’s October 2023. If you’re reading this years later, don’t worry because the information in this article is timeless.  We just came through the summer months and most auto repair shops seemed to do pretty well. In August 2023, we had more clients than ever touting record months. Then September and […]

How to Know When You’re NOT Ready for Marketing

I own a marketing company. You would think it would be my job to sell you on marketing, right? The truth is, we turn away a lot of potential clients because they’re not ready for marketing. Shop owners, and any small business owners for that matter, tend to think they need marketing when they’re struggling […]

Dominating Marketing Metrics: Is Your Marketing Working?

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”. While I don’t believe that’s a literal truth, I understand the sentiment and agree with the overall idea. In marketing, you can certainly make improvements and never measure anything, but how will you know if things actually improved? How will you know […]

Hot Marketing Strategies for Customer Retention

When you think of marketing for your auto repair shop, chances are you’re thinking about running ads on Google or Facebook. Maybe social media or SEO. You imagine an influx of cars in your bays from new customers and current ones and you hope that everyone in town knows who you are. These are acquisition marketing strategies. […]

The Biggest Mistakes Being Made in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Top view of a table with two office workers discussing marketing reports. With laptop, tablet, clipboard, papers reports, and pens on a black table. With Shop Marketing Pros logo on the right upper side and the title “Top Marketing Mistakes Auto Repair Shops Make” at the lower right side.

The Biggest Mistakes Being Made in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing Introduction We’re coming up on June, and I was tasked with writing this article. I had a plan for what it was going to look like, but that went completely out the window. Usually, I write these things in an educational format, but this […]

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