Why Is Constant Contact So Special?

Why Is Constant Contact So Special?

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Hey y’all! It’s Kim Walker here writing to you from the Hampton Inn in Boston, MA. I am here attending the Constant Contact Solution Provider OneCon Conference. After spending two days here this company has taken me from a Raving Fan to a ummmmm, hmmmm, what do you call someone who loves a company as much as I do? I don’t know! So it’s no secret that I am a big “Raving Fan” of Constant Contact. I have been a Solution Provider for several years and this company never ceases to amaze me. I thought today would be the perfect opportunity for me to share with you the answer to a very popular question I get asked – “Why Choose Constant Contact?”

About 8 years ago I got a free trial to 5 different email marketing software programs, including Constant Contact. It did not take long for me to see the difference, make my choice and dive in. So, here for you, are my top reasons for “Why Choose Constant Contact?”

  1. They care! I know you’re thinking “Oh, really? Every company cares.”. Well, I believe that the level of care and attention I get from Constant Contact far surpasses not only any level of care I’ve received from other email marketing software programs but I put the level of care from Constant Contact in the top five businesses….ever! I was asked to serve on the Solution Provider Advisory Council and just got back from the very first meeting of this great group a few minutes ago. Constant Contact put together this OneCon conference and put this Solution Provider Advisory Council together because they care about you and me! The questions they asked, the treatment they gave us and the potential solutions they’re developing are innovative, impressive, and full of care about our success.
  2. It’s easy! After using several email marketing platforms, I love the user friendliness of Constant Contact. I started using this many years ago and remember what it was like as a first time user. Things are intuitive and just make sense. It’s easy to find where features are and how to use them. They offer a great user community, blogs, videos, webinars and much more to ensure that each client is a successful end user. When I first started using email marketing there were a few must-haves I was looking for. It was important to me that the software be easy, not cost an arm and a leg, offer support that was easily accessible, and provide me with excellent reporting features. Constant Contact met those needs and gave me much more!
  3. Customer Service! I liken Constant Contact’s customer service to Disney. It’s no secret that Disney…. Well, they do everything differently. It’s the Disney Difference. That Disney Experience that we all know, love and want. They don’t miss anything. Everything has a reason, a purpose and is very detail oriented. Constant Contact is no different. I wonder if the founder of Constant Contact took the Disney Institute training. When you are in the rare moment when you need help and call Constant Contact I love that you actually get a live person! Not all of that recorded crap or automated systems where you type in an extension fifteen times. No, you get a real, live human being who CARES about helping you. And they do, incredibly well. They Get It.
  4. They’re Progressive & Forward Thinking! With Constant Contact you never get left in the cold. They study data and trends every single day. They know what is coming and how it will affect small businesses. With this valuable information, their team immediately begins analyzing the data and determining how it will affect us and put wheels into motion so that when the time comes we are ready and armed with amazing software to get our jobs done. They make life easy. They listen to us and are constantly making changes and adjustments to always make Constant Contact better. It’s no surprise that they’re #1 in email marketing. When the social media scene took over the world, Constant Contact was there to jump on board and make it easy for social and email to mix. Always progressive, always learning, always changing, always evolving and always thinking of what is best for you and me!

If I haven’t helped you decide yet, then you need to give me a call! I would be happy to share my experience with Constant Contact with you. Feel free to take a look at any of the resources below to learn more about Constant Contact! And if you’d like to get a free trial, then just click here.

Visit Constant Contact’s incredible YouTube Channel with awesome videos!

Take a look at the Constant Contact blog.

See their live online demonstrations and webinars!

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