12 Days of Christmas: Marketing Edition

12 days of Christmas Marketing Edition text with Christmas trimmings on left and right of text

There are so many translations of what the “12 Days of Christmas” really means, where it came from and how it’s used. For the purpose of this blog, we just want to have some fun and share some ideas for you to use in your auto repair shop marketing for the month of December. Stick […]

Should you hire a professional to photograph your auto repair shop?

The Short Answer Is: Yes. But let’s talk about it a little in-depth. Although many people scoff at the cost of good, professional photography, it’s probably one of the best and most cost-efficient investments you’ll ever make in your business. People always say to “never judge a book by its cover,” yet everyone almost always […]

Marketing Your Shop For Car Care Month

Marketing your auto repair shop for national car

If you’re an active shop owner in the automotive repair industry then you’ve surely heard that April is National Car Care Month. But what do you do with that? A lot! As a former shop owner, I couldn’t wait for April (National Car Care Month) and October (Fall Car Care Month) because it gave me […]

How do I promote my brand new auto repair shop?

You decided to take the plunge into owning your own shop! Congratulations. Now, you’ve got a ton of work to do! If you haven’t heard the story of when Brian and I started our first shop – let me share it with you.

Is Asking A Part Of Your Company Culture?

Is Asking A Part Of Your Company Culture?

We recently received a question from a repair shop client wondering how to organically encourage their customers to recommend them to their friends. You know how you often see posts on Facebook where people are asking for recommendations? For customers to naturally want to recommend you it will always start with how you treated them.

How Do I get My Service Advisors to Collect Email addresses?

How do I get my Service Advisors to collect email addresses?

When we had our repair shop email marketing was not a big thing. Also, shop software that would email service reminders was not a popular thing. But now, I honestly don’t know how repair shops can really do it all without collecting email addresses. Can you run a shop without yet? Yes, but you can do so much more if you do collect them!

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop’s Own Web Properties

Why You Should Build Content on Your Auto Repair Shop's Own Web Properties

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy to reach your audience for free; but it would be a mistake to trust all of your marketing efforts to these platforms alone.
These 3rd-party platforms, as they’re called, offer tremendous benefits as you look to grow your auto repair shop. But these platforms are rented land. They’re owned by corporations that have nothing to do with your shop.
In this article, we cover many ways you can invest in creating content and building web properties that are your own. Read along, listen to the audio version, or listen via Video.

How Email Marketing Can Increase Your Auto Repair Shop’s Average Repair Order

How Email Marketing Can Increase Your Auto Repair Shop's Average Repair Order

Increasing your shop’s average repair order (ARO) is one of the most effective ways to maximize profits and run a more sustainable business. It’s far more effective than focusing on a higher car count. Higher car counts come with the downsides of more stress on your staff, more paperwork to manage, and more chaos to your shop.