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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Auto Technicians

‘Tis the season to be jolly — and to show the mechanic in your life some love! However, finding the best gifts for auto technicians can be challenging. Fortunately, the experts at Shop Marketing Pros make it easy with our annual gift guide for auto technicians.

We have talked to our various auto repair shop clients, gathered a list, checked it twice, and are proud to present our top 5 gifts for auto technicians. Let’s open the bag and see which products and solutions made the shortlist for our inaugural gift guide for techs.

A Mechanic Has Gotta Eat…Right?

door dash gift cardWhether the tech has been naughty or nice, they have to eat. And because of this, the first entry in our annual gift guide for auto technicians is the Door Dash Gift Card. It’s the perfect blanket gift that anyone would enjoy without coming off as thoughtless. Instead, the gift of free food is a crowd-pleaser for all! Best of all, you can customize the amount based on your budget. Simply visit Door Dash, choose your amount, and connect the technician with more than 310,000 possible restaurants. This way, they can select the flavor of the season.


Give the Gift of Comfort

powerstep insoles from different angles, top, bottom, side and packaging that it comes inOne thing is sure for every mechanic — they spend a lot of time on their feet. Even worse, most of this time is spent standing on concrete, which doesn’t offer any give. Because of this, Powerstep Insoles are one of the top items on our gift guide for auto technicians. As the top insoles on the market, Powerstep Insoles are worth their weight in gold. And you can find the perfect insole for nearly any and every type of foot, including flat feet, high arch, or somewhere in between. Give the mechanic in your life the exceptional foot support they deserve with Powerstep Insoles.



Give the Mechanic A New Perspective

ullman digital inspection mirrorThe importance of a technician’s ability to accurately see and diagnose problems is second to none. However, this may not always be easily accomplished, especially in hard-to-reach or impossible-to-see places. Fortunately, the Ullman Digital Inspection Mirror is engineered to do just that. This tiny camera is mounted on a telescoping handle that can easily maneuver in the tightest of spaces. Once correctly positioned, the Ullman Digital Inspection Mirror will empower the mechanic to gain a new perspective. It even features a perfectly-situated light that works to illuminate the area without causing glare. In addition, the camera quickly connects wirelessly to a tablet or phone through the Ullman DM App so that the video can be seamlessly shared with customers. Learn more about the Ullman Digital Inspection Mirror.


See Auto Repair in a New Light

Streamlight Stinger DS LED flashlight with logo of companyWhile a flashlight should be on any gift guide for auto technicians, the Streamlight Stinger DS is simply a cut above the rest. It boasts three different lighting modes for virtually any situation. Most importantly, it’s engineered to stand the test of time. The Streamlight Stinger DS is designed with a machined aircraft aluminum body and a non-slip rubberized comfort grip for secure handling. Even if the technician already has a flashlight, the Streamlight Stinger DS will be a headliner in their toolbox.



Give the Gift That Keeps Giving

Shop Marketing Pros Kim and Brian Walker teaching a class at Vision KCRounding out our annual gift guide for auto technicians is genuinely a gift that keeps giving — an education and networking opportunity. The VISION High Tech Training & Expo is one of the world’s coolest and most innovative automotive technical training events. Gifting an all-access pass to this world-renowned event can help open the door to improved skills and even a bigger paycheck. Now is the perfect time to register for this in-person event because you can take advantage of Early-Bird pricing. Learn more about the Vision High Tech Training & Expo.


Contact Shop Marketing Pros to…

One entry that didn’t but should’ve made our annual gift guide for auto technicians is the gift of consistent work and repeat clients. And this is where Shop Marketing Pros come in! As the leading marketing firm for auto repair shops, we specialize in helping you achieve just that. We offer tailored marketing solutions for industry-leading shops. We leverage know, like, trust marketing coupled with years of expertise to help you attract new clients and gain repeat business. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat.