The Problem With Instagram and How it Could Be Better.

The Problem With Instagram and How it Could Be Better.

I love Instagram. I would actually venture out to say it’s my favorite social media platform. I love taking and looking at pictures. I also love it’s simplicity. It’s not a difficult platform to understand or use, which is one of it’s strong points. But there are so many things about Instagram that I’m not a fan of, especially being a social media manager.

My team and I hate the fact that we can’t manage more than one account without logging in and out each time. Facebook allows us to do this with pages, and Twitter lets us manage multiple accounts from its mobile app as well. You can’t schedule anything for Instagram either. We have to post in the moment and if we forget, oh well. There are no analytics so we are constantly having to play around with different posting times, and links in posts aren’t clickable. The only clickable link is in the bio that many people don’t even go to.

I would have to say that the thing I dislike most about Instagram is the fact that they don’t have an iPad app. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to take advantage of the iPad’s beautiful screen.

There’s no doubt that Instagram is a great platform, but it could use a few changes.

Things I’d like to see implemented:

  • Liking comments
  • Uploading more than one photo at time
  • iPad app
  • The ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Analytics
  • The ability to schedule future posts
  • Better notifications

Since Instagram was purchased by Facebook, back in 2012, there have been a few updates, but I expected much more by now. They’ve updated the UI a bit, the search and discover feature, introduced video to the platform and support ads. They’ve also added new filters and edits along the way, but nothing too special. What I have seen that interests me though is carousel ads. These are ads with more than one photo and it’s awesome.

A New Way for Brands to Tell Stories on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

If Instagram gave this feature to it’s users, that would be a awesome. It would allow people to share more than one photo at a time without blowing up everyone else’s feed. All they need to do is make a few changes and updates and they would be the best social platform, no questions asked.

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