Team Building Is The Cornerstone Of Professional Success

Team Building Is The Cornerstone Of Professional Success

The following article was originally published on our main agency website. We’ve gone through the process now of setting up these Google Guarantee Ads for a couple of roofers and they’re seeing great results. We know this is going to be huge for auto repair shops as well. We hope you find value in this article. Let us know if you have any questions about Google Guarantee Ads or the process of becoming verified. The best way to do that is to join our Facebook group – “Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind” – and ask in there, that way others benefit from your questions and comments.


Want to see your company grow while continuing to produce a better finished project for each client? In this blog I will share some of the advantages of working in groups and how 5 Stones Media has continued to raise the bar and grow as a marketing firm.

As 5 Stones Media’s Art Director, I proudly tell clients and perspective clients that very little work produced by our firm is touched (or created) by one individual. This may seem obvious when developing a comprehensive campaign, but team work is just as important when creating a brochure or website. Let me explain.

Think of the design process as like a construction team building your home. Would you hire one person to design and build every detail that should go into the project? Clearly you wouldn’t because you know that as good as he or she may be, that one person cannot effectively do everything. Similarly, working as a design team has the following advantages:


A carefully selected team should be comprised of individuals with a diverse array of skills and experiences. This may include technical writers, graphic designers, photographers, or social media managers that have worked with various types of cleints.  Some of these skills and experiences may overlap or be uniquely held by an individual. The key is that in a group, expertise should be shared to create a finished project that reflects the diverse strengths of its members.


From initial brainstorming to ongoing dialogue between members, the team creates an open system of ideas that build on each and help define the bigger picture. Hence, constant feedback from peers helps create a shared vision that was derived from a much larger pool of possibilities – some possibilities inspired from the initial ideas of others in the group.


Competition is good, and healthy competition within a group is even better. When committed members bring their best it brings out the best in peers as well – it’s like iron sharpening iron. Similarly, where one may be lacking a certain skill or experience he or she can learn and develop through the strengths of others.


The advantage here is twofold. First, before an idea can be pitched or delivered as a final product to a client, it must meet the standards and expectations of the group. Second, from proofreading of text to judging the aesthetics of a design, needed critical eyes help insure that professional standards are maintained.

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