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Must Have Social Media Tools With Kim Walker

The following article was originally published on our main agency website. We’ve gone through the process now of setting up these Google Guarantee Ads for a couple of roofers and they’re seeing great results. We know this is going to be huge for auto repair shops as well. We hope you find value in this article. Let us know if you have any questions about Google Guarantee Ads or the process of becoming verified. The best way to do that is to join our Facebook group – “Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind” – and ask in there, that way others benefit from your questions and comments.


I don’t have time for this. I don’t know what I’m doing? I know I can be doing this better. All questions and concerns most shops have when it comes to managing their social media presence. We’ve created this class to help you save time, feel confident and be more effective. In this class we are going to show you our own personal tips, strategies and our favorite tools for improving your social media presence.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • How to find content
  • How to create a plan
  • How to use Canva to create great graphics
  • How to use Buffer to schedule your social media posts


5 Stones Media, Nicholls State University, Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish

**Approximately one hour before the presentation, you will be emailed a Zoom link to enter the seminar. Please pay attention to your inbox.

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