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Would you rather look at pictures of juicy cheese burgers, or lip balm?

It’s an unfortunate reality that some brands have a built-in disadvantage when it comes to producing engaging social media content.

If your small business is centered around a less-than-thrilling topic, it can be a challenge to manage social media. Not every brand using social media is as exciting and appealing as fashion, food or entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop engaged followers, inspiring content and a prominent social media presence.

You’ve just got to work a little harder.


People thrive on visuals. It’s a fact! Including images with your post will attract engagement. Bring your brand to life, give them some insight on who you are, let your brands personality shine and watch the engagement grow!

Try posting-

  • Infographics
  • Office photos (birthday’s, celebrations, etc)
  • Creative photos of your product
  • Have fun with it!


Drop the sales pitches and engage in some two-way communication with your followers! Social media is conversational, treat it that way. Focus on communicating the ways your product or service can grow business or make life a little easier for them. Help your followers view you in a down-to-earth relatable way, let them know you care and you’re here if and when they need you!


No one knows you better than well, you! No matter what kind of product or service you offer, there is no reason for a boring presentation. Go against the grain in a way that is interesting and appealing. Present your brand in an unexpected way and BE outside of the box!

Without a doubt, through all of the disadvantages a “boring” brand brings, it also brings opportunity. Opportunity to burst the ever illusional bubble that boring brands cannot succeed on social media. With a change in thinking, creative presentation and two-way communication boring isn’t so boring after all.

Check out these “Big Boring” brands that have truly grasped being “boring”!

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