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If Gas Shortage Is What’s Being Talked About, Are You Talking About Gas Mileage?


Friends, one of the discussions in the country right now is about the gas shortage. Politics aside, people in affected areas are concerned about this. So, as their local trusted mechanic are you helping ease their concerns?

Now is the time to show them that you care AND you are the expert. 

Huh? Let me explain.


You are their mechanic. Help them. Give them some tips to help them get better gas mileage in every possible way.

Some tips might include items relating to vehicle maintenance, replacing parts, etc, but there are also some common habits that can change as well as some relatively simple things they can do day to day that one might not ever think of.


Take a few minutes and jot down your thoughts. Get it all down in one place. 

These next ideas will help get you going. Remember, I always say “it’s a buffet”. If you don’t like broccoli, don’t eat it. If one of these ideas doesn’t excite you, move on and pick something else!

  1. Start off with recording a video – or a series of videos. Talk to your customers. One talking about small changes. One talking about habits. One talking about vehicle maintenance. One about specific parts to consider replacing. One could be about specific services you have to offer. Be real, authentic, caring.
  2. Then, put that/those video(s) into a blog.
  3. Add the video(s) to your YouTube Channel.
  4. Use our handy template to create some social graphics. We have created 22 graphics for you! All you have to do is change the colors, font and switch out our logo to yours to fit your brand! Get the template. Remember the broccoli? If you see a social graphic tip in here that doesn’t work for you, skip it. For instance, one of these tips is to ride with the windows down and not use the a/c. Try saying that down here in Louisiana and you’ll be immediately disqualified from life. haha!
  5. Share the video or blog in your next email campaign.
  6. Text these tips out to your clients.
  7. Run an ad campaign using the video or blog. 

You see where I’m going? 

Paying attention to what’s going on in the world and tap into it when it’s relevant to your audience can be a great way for you to help your audience get to know, like, and trust you!

If you need help putting these ideas into action, we’re here for you. Book a demo and let’s chat!

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About The Author

Kim Walker

Born to connect, teach and serve, Kim is one of the lucky ones who gets to put her life purpose into action while working. Her career roots of being a teacher and school counselor fit perfectly into her role at Shop Marketing Pros. As Co-Owner of the company, Kim enjoys pairing her experiences as a past automotive repair shop owner with her marketing for repair shops. She loves teaching, connecting and serving each shop as if it were her own. Kim is a Master Certified Solution Provider in Email Marketing with Constant Contact, was a StoryBrand Certified Guide and actively involved in numerous civic, professional and community organizations.
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