Google My Business Categories for Auto Repair Shops

Google My Business Categories for Auto Repair Shops

When setting up a Google My Business listing for an auto repair shop, one of the most important things you do that affects your map or “3-pack” rankings is selecting the correct business categories.

Most people select the one category that best fits their business, but Google allows you to select multiple categories for a reason. You want to select as few categories as possible while also selecting all of the categories that truly represent your shop.

For example, one of the categories available is “tire shop”. You don’t select this category just because you have tire equipment. You would select this category if selling tires is one of your primary profit centers.

Below we’ve listed out 49 categories that we feel could make sense for an auto repair shop. About 10 of these are probably stretching it, but they will make sense for some shops.

Bonus Tip: Create pages on your website for the categories you select. If you select auto repair shop, transmission shop, brake shop, and tire shop – create a page on your website for each of these categories. Write some good content specific to each service. This will help your auto repair shop’s Google My Business listing and website to display when someone searches for these services.

The complete list of categories is below.

Selecting categories is just one piece of properly setting up and optimizing your Google Maps, or Google My Business listing. We’ve created a free course on how to set up and optimize your Google Maps listing. Check it out here.

  1. auto body parts supplier
  2. auto body shop
  3. auto dent removal service
  4. auto electrical service
  5. auto glass shop
  6. auto machine shop
  7. auto parts store
  8. auto radiator repair service
  9. auto repair shop
  10. auto restoration service
  11. auto spring shop
  12. auto sunroof shop
  13. auto tag agency
  14. auto tune up service
  15. auto upholsterer
  16. auto wrecker
  17. brake shop
  18. car battery store
  19. car inspection station
  20. car service
  21. car wash
  22. diesel engine repair service
  23. glass repair service
  24. hub cap supplier
  25. hydraulic repair service
  26. junkyard
  27. machine shop
  28. mechanic
  29. motorcycle repair shop
  30. muffler shop
  31. oil change service
  32. propane supplier
  33. radiator repair service
  34. radiator shop
  35. RV Repair Shop
  36. scooter repair shop
  37. service station
  38. small engine repair service
  39. smog inspection station
  40. tire shop
  41. towing service
  42. tractor repair shop
  43. trailer repair shop
  44. transmission shop
  45. truck repair shop
  46. used auto parts store
  47. used tire shop
  48. wheel alignment service
  49. wheel store

Did we miss a category? If so, please let us know.

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