How Do I Find The Right Keywords For My Repair Shop’s Website?

You can have the best website in the world but if people can’t find it when searching for the services you provide, it’s pointless. We all know the main terms people search for when looking for an auto repair shop, and every generalist shop wants to rank number 1 for the term “mechanic near me”, […]

Are You Building Equity With Your Marketing?

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Prefer to listen? Use the player to listen or read below. Auto repair shop owners tend to look at marketing in two different ways. Some see marketing as an expense. Savvy business owners see marketing as an investment. Let’s look at each of these as a definition. Expense: cost or charge. Investment: the investing of […]

Should you hire a professional to photograph your auto repair shop?

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The Short Answer Is: Yes. But let’s talk about it a little in-depth. Although many people scoff at the cost of good, professional photography, it’s probably one of the best and most cost-efficient investments you’ll ever make in your business. People always say to “never judge a book by its cover,” yet everyone almost always […]

Working Keywords Into Reviews

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Everyone likes to talk about how important reviews are for your auto repair shop, but they either don’t know or value the power of having keywords in your reviews. Yes, we get it, reviews are powerful. You want lots of them, and you want them to be good. That goes without saying. But all reviews […]

Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Are you speaking your customer's language? with Shop Marketing Pros in Hammond owner Brian Walker in blue polo shirt with arms crossed If You Want To Win Over The Search Engines, Talk The Way Your Customers Talk We were meeting with a new website client recently and talking through the pages that would be on the site. Our clients always know that they want a homepage, an “about us” page, a “contact” page, and usually a […]

Why Auto Repair Shops Should Blog

Why Auto Repair Shops Should Blog

It seems like every time we teach a class or end up talking to a group of shop owners the topic comes up about blogging. It’s no secret that I’m a big believer in having an active blog, but why?

SEO Writing Template for Auto Repair Shops

SEO Writing Template for Auto Repair Shops

About The Author Brian Walker Brian is a Mercedes Benz Master Technician of 17 years. He owned Peak Automotive in Apex, NC, and served as Mechanical Division Director for ASA North Carolina. Brian now owns Shop Marketing Pros, a marketing agency specializing in the independent automotive aftermarket.

Google My Business Categories for Auto Repair Shops

Google My Business Categories for Auto Repair Shops

When setting up a Google My Business listing for an auto repair shop, one of the most important things you do that affects your map or “3-pack” rankings is selecting the correct business categories. Most people select the one category that best fits their business, but Google allows you to select multiple categories for a reason. You want to select as few categories as possible while also selecting all of the categories that truly represent your shop.

Auto Repair Shop SEO – Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters

Auto Repair Shop SEO - Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters

Throughout the years, SEO has changed. But the one thing that has remained consistent is that having a website full of high-quality content can lead to very good rankings, which is one of the most important things you can work towards in your auto repair shop’s marketing. Content alone isn’t always enough, but all other things being equal, the website with the best, and most content will win.