Figuring Out Facebook - It's Not Tough!

Figuring Out Facebook – It’s Not Tough!

The following article was originally published on our main agency website. We’ve gone through the process now of setting up these Google Guarantee Ads for a couple of roofers and they’re seeing great results. We know this is going to be huge for auto repair shops as well. We hope you find value in this article. Let us know if you have any questions about Google Guarantee Ads or the process of becoming verified. The best way to do that is to join our Facebook group – “Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind” – and ask in there, that way others benefit from your questions and comments.


If you are tackling Facebook for your business (and you should be), there is nothing more satisfying than mastering the latest update.  Facebook loves to keep us on our toes wondering what they will do next.   It’s no secret, it seems as though as soon as you can put the latest Facebook update in your past, they’ve changed it again.  If you’re not completely savvy in the social media world, it can leave you feeling nothing short of confused.  This month there’s lots of  followers seeing your pictures and next month your pictures seem to be a dud.  No wonder so many people often give up on Facebook or decide to let someone else manage it for them.  But, there is hope!  With just a little research, you can keep up with Facebook’s sneaky little updates!

Pages To Watch:

This could quite possibly be one of the coolest features Facebook has ever released.  Admins can now add pages similar to them to a “watch list”.  Admins can monitor their likes, posts and engagement, top post of the week and compare them to their own page.  Who’s “watching” a page is kept private…so watch away!

Changes To The Algorithm:

Facebook changed the algorithm in an attempt to minimize spam and enhance user experience.  Nothing makes a social media manager cringe more than changes to the algorithm!   Facebook users voiced their opinions about which posts were relevant in their newsfeed and Facebook listened.  Here are a few new updates to the algorithm:

  • “Like-Baiting” (post that are intentionally asking for likes, comments or shares), will not be shown in the news feed as often.  Users have expressed that these posts tend to create a less enjoyable experience on Facebook. 
  • Users have also expressed they are flooded with irrelevant posts or links, or links that seem relevant but proof to be less than important.  Facebook assures users that changes are being made to improve the Facebook experience, while assuring admins that they may, in fact, not really see any changes at all.  If pages haven’t been sharing or creating spammy links or ads, you may even see a slight increase in flow due to “spam” being hidden more.
  • “Like-gating” (intentionally asking for likes to gain points in a contest), will be demolished.  Facebook wants to make sure that if you like a page, that you actually honestly like it!

How To Drive More Likes To Your Page:Since Facebook changes their algorithms so frequently, a sure fire way to get your page in front of the eyes of your followers is Facebook ads.  Here are a few tips on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to ads:

  • Don’t waste your money on people who don’t want to see your content.  Use your money to target the people you want to reach, not the entire nation. 
  • Target a specific age, location and demographics.
  • By targeting the right person, you will increase flow to your page and gain likes. 
  • You can start by spending $5 a week to “boost” your posts and possibly reach 3,000-5,000 extra eyes. 

Changes to Photos and Links:

Another change happening right now is how photos and links will be shown.  Here are some tips on getting your links shown to the most people:

  • Photos are always going to be shown more than if you just use text.
  • Try posting a link with a preview image as opposed to posting just a link or a link that you have uploaded a photo with.


Finally, you should always be sharing incredible content.  Facebook’s algorithm will always be changing and will always be a little secretive.  You have to stay ahead of the game by sharing content that is relevant to your page and that your followers truly are interested in seeing. The better your post, the more your followers will engage in them.

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