Do It Anyway – Win the Battle of Your Internal Dialogue with Tracy Capriotto

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EPISODE: 039 – Do It Anyway – Win the Battle of Your Internal Dialogue with Tracy Capriotto


Kim + Tracy Capriotto spend time in this episode laughing, chatting, and sharing together about key moments in the industry, career transitions, and working with family. Tracy shares her battle with an internal dialogue that 

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Talking Points

  • Working with family. You’re either crazy or an angel. I think it’s an angel. 
  • What’s your top tip for working with family?
  • what was it like watching your dad take on the automotive world with his podcast?
  • At what point did you think you wanted in on that?
  • What has the transition like for you joining your dad?
  • let’s chat about your Women in Auto Care involvement – What are your favorite events? What are you doing in that group? 
  • Your greatest lesson?
  • Your favorite podcast episode you’ve done so far
  • Funniest edits + bloopers

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Until next time – go fill those bays!

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