Promotional Products for Auto Repair Shops

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EPISODE: 103 – Promotional Products for Auto Repair Shops

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Talking Points

  • How we met – Chamber + Locally Owned Tangi during Covid
  • Megan’s story – what got her into Promo Products
  • Your automotive dealership background experience
  • Why promo products?
  • Your favorite promo product story?
  • Your top tips for choosing promotional products
  • Why work with a promo product agency rather than going straight to Vistaprint, Imprint, or other online retailers?
  • Let’s talk set-up and other fees. One shop owner asked why do I have to pay setup fee every single time if the file is already there? 
  • Another note/comment from a shop owner: how can they touch/feel/see before buying? Really looking for a company to display at our trade shows.
  • How can we make this process of selecting/buying promo products easy?
  • Any promo product pet peeves you have?
  • Last words….

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