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EPISODE: 100 – A Meeting Of The Marketing Minds

In episode 100 of The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, we invite Tony Mercury from AutoShop Solutions, Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg from Turnkey Marketing, Connor Tracy from Kukui, and Kelsey Outram from Lift Auto Repair Marketing to join us for a meeting of the marketing minds. We talk about where marketing has been, where it’s going, and drop lots of useful knowledge bombs for shop owners to implement in their marketing!

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Talking Points

  1. What do you think has been the most significant change in marketing for auto repair shops over the last decade?
  2. How do you anticipate the rise of electric vehicles will change the marketing needs of auto repair shops?
  3. What’s a common marketing mistake you see auto repair shops make and how can they avoid it?
  4. With the evolution of social media, which platforms do you find most effective for auto repair shop marketing today?
  5. How important is content marketing for auto repair shops, and what kind of content do you find resonates best with their customers?
  6. Looking ahead, what emerging marketing technologies or strategies do you believe will become crucial for auto repair shops in the next few years?
  7. How can auto repair shops differentiate themselves in a crowded market through their marketing efforts?
  8. What role do you see AI and automation playing in the future of marketing for auto repair shops?
  9. What’s the most underrated marketing tactic that auto repair shops should pay more attention to?
  10. How can auto repair shops leverage local SEO to their advantage?
  11. In what ways do you think customer expectations from auto repair shops have evolved and how should marketing strategies adapt?
  12. What advice would you give to a new auto repair shop about setting up their marketing strategy for the first time?
  13. How do you see the role of customer reviews and online reputation management evolving in the marketing strategies for auto repair shops?
  14. Can you predict any major shifts in the auto repair industry that might necessitate changes in how shops market themselves?

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