Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Episode 88: Getting The Most Out of Conferences, featuring Brian & Kim Walker. Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side

Getting The Most Out of Conferences

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EPISODE: 088 – Getting The Most Out of Conferences

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Kim’s Tips:

  1. Go with a plan – know who you want to meet. Pre-schedule these meetings. 
  2. Promote that you are there! 
  3. Use the event/conference app! 
  4. Schedule your post-conference debriefing meeting.
  5. Create a post-conference action plan
  6. See our Conference Planning Checklist!

Brian’s Tips

  1. Register early and be strategic about the classes you take – stay at the hotel
  2. Establish a bedtime with a no-excuses policy
  3. Choose your team’s classes and make them teach it when they get back
  4. Visit the vendors – know/like/trust them – they subsidize your attendance
  5. Come with Friends

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