Our Story of Radio Advertising

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EPISODE: 085 – Our Story of Radio Advertising

One topic we rarely talk about is radio, yet we have a story of very successfully using radio advertising to market our own auto repair shop. Radio was different back then, but our strategy can still work, and the idea works across all mediums. We hope you’ll listen in to the story of Jack Boston, Bill LuMaye, and Peak Automotive.

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The beginning of radio advertising (00:00:01)
Discussion about the emotional story and effectiveness of radio advertising, its cost, and tracking difficulties.

Evolution of radio options (00:01:21)
Comparison of traditional AM and FM radio with newer options like Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify, and podcasts.

Getting into radio advertising (00:03:20)
The story of how a customer, Jack Boston, influenced the hosts to start radio advertising and the initial challenges.

Selecting the right radio station (00:05:57)
The importance of choosing the right radio station based on listener demographics and the impact of the chosen station on the audience.

Transition to a new radio host (00:07:26)
The unexpected transition from Jack Boston to Bill Lemay due to health issues, and the process of involving the new host in advertising.

The impact of live endorsements (00:13:11)
The effectiveness of live endorsements over pre-recorded ads, the influence of creative freedom, and the authenticity of the message.

The importance of asking clients (00:14:29)
Discussion on the significance of asking clients about their listening habits to tailor marketing strategies.

Advertising on satellite radio (00:15:17)
Exploration of advertising opportunities on satellite radio and the potential for targeted local advertisements.

Tracking radio advertising effectiveness (00:16:28)
Insight into tracking the effectiveness of radio advertising through dedicated URLs and phone numbers.

The impactful gift from a client (00:18:30)
A heartwarming story about a client’s gift and its impact during a challenging time.

Closing remarks and sponsorship acknowledgment (00:19:27)
Acknowledgment of the sponsor and closing remarks, encouraging listeners to engage with the podcast and its hosts.

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