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EPISODE: 084 – Failing Forward in Marketing

In a world where so many great lessons come from failing, people are afraid of failure. We see this a lot, especially when it comes to marketing. Every time you learn something that doesn’t work, it puts you closer to finding something that does. So why do people give up on marketing so early and build belief systems that certain types of marketing “don’t work” when the evidence points to the contrary? That’s what we talk about in this episode of The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast.

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The Aftermarket Radio Network (00:00:01)
Introduction to the podcast episode and hosts’ welcome.

Talking about Failing Forward (00:00:41)
Discussion about the concept of “failing forward” and its importance in learning and growth.

Fear of Failure (00:02:16)
Exploring the fear of failure and its impact on business decisions and actions.

Financial Impact of Failing (00:02:56)
Highlighting the financial challenges and impact of failure, including personal experiences.

Adapting to Failure (00:04:43)
Emphasizing the importance of adapting and learning from failures to become better.

Marketing and Fear of Failure (00:05:53)
Addressing the fear of failure in marketing and its implications for business growth.

Marketing Strategies and Failure (00:07:53)
Discussing the significance of failure in marketing and its role in building a successful business.

Google Ads Failure (00:11:01)
Sharing a specific failure related to Google Ads and its impact on marketing efforts.

Diagnosing Marketing (00:13:45)
Explains the analogy between diagnosing a car and diagnosing marketing issues, focusing on the importance of using the right keywords in Google Ads.

Learning from Failure (00:15:42)
Discusses the failure in the ad campaign, the learning process, and the importance of taking responsibility for mistakes.

Marketing Adjustments (00:16:42)
Highlights the significance of making small adjustments in marketing strategies and provides examples of how minor changes can impact results.

Balancing Risk and Innovation (00:22:07)
Emphasizes the need to balance risk with innovation and the importance of having foundational marketing strategies in place before adopting new techniques.

Celebrating Success Stories (00:25:02)
Acknowledges and celebrates the success of shop owners who have effectively implemented marketing strategies discussed in the podcast.

Engaging with the Audience (00:27:22)
Encourages listeners to share their marketing experiences and struggles, offering to provide guidance and create content based on their questions.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset (00:20:17)
Encourages a growth mindset and discusses the impact of beliefs on the success of marketing efforts.

Sponsorship acknowledgment (00:28:00)
Acknowledgment of RepairPal’s sponsorship and a thank you to the listeners.

Promotion of upcoming episodes (00:28:14)
Encouragement to listen in next week and a promotion of other podcasts on the aftermarket radio network.

Closing remarks (00:28:20)
Closing remarks from the host, encouraging feedback and interaction with the podcast.

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