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EPISODE: 083 – Pros On The Road 2024

In this episode, Kim and Brian talk about the conferences and other events they will be attending and teaching at in 2024. These conferences are great opportunities to network with other shop owners and auto repair professionals, as well as “sharpening the saw” and become a better business person.

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The aftermarket radio network (00:00:01)
Introduction to the episode and discussion about upcoming automotive industry conferences and events.

Pros on the road 2024 (00:00:10)
Discussion about the Pros on the Road 2024 event and the importance of attending automotive industry conferences.

Sponsorship acknowledgment (00:00:21)
Acknowledgment of the sponsors of the podcast and their importance in supporting the podcast.

Recap of 2023 conferences (00:01:03)
Discussion about the conferences attended in 2023 and the plan for attending conferences in the current year.

Conferences and classes schedule (00:02:00)
Listing the conferences and events planned for the year and the classes to be taught at these events.

Fly with the Eagles event (00:03:53)
Details about the Fly with the Eagles event in Dallas, including the topics to be discussed.

Vision conference (00:04:13)
Discussion about the Vision conference, the classes to be taught, and the importance of attending.

MARS conference (00:05:20)
Information about the MARS conference and the class on driving car count to be taught.

World Pack Advanced Car Quest (00:05:46)
Details about the World Pack Advanced Car Quest conference and its significance.

Tools by RSP event (00:06:52)
Information about the Tools by RSP event in Pennsylvania.

AST conference (00:06:59)
Discussion about the AST conference in September.

Classes and workshops details (00:09:09)
Details about the specific topics and classes to be taught at various conferences and events.

Extended video workshop (00:13:28)
Information about the extended video workshop to be conducted at a specific location and the unique aspects of the workshop.

Creating Loyal Customers (00:15:45)
Discussion about a class on making customers feel special and loyal.

Working with Marketing Partners (00:16:21)
Explanation of a class on collaborating with marketing companies for better results.

Identifying Your Ideal Customer (00:17:35)
Teaching a class on understanding and targeting the ideal customer for automotive repair shops.

Facebook Marketing for Auto Shops (00:18:34)
Introduction of a new class on Facebook marketing for auto repair shops.

The Powerful Duo: Ads and SEO (00:19:13)
Discussion about a class on the importance of ads and SEO in marketing for automotive businesses.

Hiring Advantage and Video Advantage (00:20:17)
Information about classes on hiring tactics and the use of video for marketing.

Attracting Technicians Through Marketing (00:21:41)
Announcement of a webinar-style class on attracting technicians through marketing.

Upcoming Conferences and Events (00:22:23)
Discussion about future industry events and conferences, including changes in schedule.

Connecting with the Audience (00:23:09)
Encouragement for the audience to share their conference plans and connect with the speakers.

Podcast Sponsorship and Closing (00:24:02)
Acknowledgment of the podcast sponsor and closing remarks.

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