2023 Wrap-Up | Brian and Kim’s Favorite Episodes

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EPISODE: 081 – 2023 Wrap-Up | Brian and Kim’s Favorite Episodes

2023 was a great year for The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast. There were 52 new episodes for you to learn from and be inspired by. As the hosts of the podcast, we love them all, but for you, we each went through the list and picked our 5 favorite episodes. If you haven’t listened to these, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them and pull some nuggets of wisdom to make your business and life better.

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Brian’s Top 5

  1. Episode 29 – Create Your Own Economy
  2. Episode 45 – Phone Skills Amplify Your Marketing w/ Cecil Bullard
  3. Episode 55 – How EOS Drives SMART Marketing w/ Tim Stoll
  4. Episode 62 – The Importance of Managing Your Money
  5. Episode 71 – Preparing For The Day You Hope Never Comes – w/ Maylan Newton

Kim’s Top 5

  1. Episode 37 – Escaping a War-Torn country to Becoming a Shop Owner in Arizona – Mac’s 
  2. Episode 42 – Radical Generosity – Power of Gifting
  3. Episode 48 – Getting Shop Owners Off The Island
  4. Episode 72 – Life After the Reservation  with Kendall Warnock – A1 Automotive
  5. Episode 79 – Hope After Bankruptcy with Rick White and Cecil Bullard

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