An Annual Theme For Your Marketing

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EPISODE: 080 – An Annual Theme For Your Marketing

In this podcast episode, Brian and Kim welcome guest Caroline Legrande to discuss the concept of adopting an annual theme for business. They explore how a theme can shape marketing strategies and internal culture, reflecting on their own “slingshot” theme’s positive influence on their goals and team dynamics. The episode also touches on the creative and fun aspects of integrating the theme into marketing, exemplified by their use of rubber chicken finger flickers. The conversation underscores the value of a unifying theme in directing a team’s focus and energizing the work environment.

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The introduction (00:00:01)
Introduction and sponsorship acknowledgment.

Laughter and rotator cuff surgery (00:00:57)
Humorous exchange about the host’s rotator cuff surgery and laughter.

Choosing a theme for the year (00:02:18)
Discussion about adopting a theme for the business and personal use.

Implementing the theme internally (00:03:59)
Explanation of how the theme is used internally and its impact on the business.

Marketing and production focus (00:06:26)
How the theme ties into marketing and production as an additional core value.

The slingshot theme (00:08:30)
Explanation of the “slingshot” theme and its application to business growth.

Creating a new theme (00:12:29)
Discussion about brainstorming and choosing a new theme for the upcoming year.

Teasing the theme (00:14:48)
Teasing the audience about the new theme without revealing it.

SWOT Analysis (00:14:54)
Importance of SWOT analysis in generating ideas for the team and company growth.

Teasing the Theme (00:15:55)
Discussion about the theme for 2024 and the anticipation around revealing it.

Revealing the Theme: Magnetic (00:17:37)
The hosts reveal the theme for 2024 and discuss its significance and potential applications in marketing.

Incorporating the Theme in Marketing (00:18:18)
Strategies for incorporating the theme “magnetic” into marketing efforts, including attracting the right customers and repelling the wrong ones.

Utilizing the Theme Internally (00:20:36)
Exploring ways to integrate the theme “magnetic” within the team and internally for promotional items and team engagement.

Closing and Call to Action (00:21:06)
Encouraging audience engagement and inviting them to join the auto repair marketing mastermind Facebook group.

Closing Remarks (00:22:06)
Thanking the guest and sponsor, Repair Pal, and concluding the episode with a call to action.

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