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EPISODE: 079 – Hope After Bankruptcy

In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Kim and Brian Walker discuss the topic of bankruptcy with industry coaches Rick White and Cecil Bullard. Each guest shares their personal experiences with bankruptcy, providing insights into the emotional and financial struggles they faced. They discuss the importance of learning from past mistakes, seeking professional advice, and maintaining open communication in relationships during difficult times. The episode emphasizes resilience, the power of education, and the importance of not letting fear or pride hinder business growth. The speakers also highlight the value of giving and receiving support and the significance of moving forward after failure.

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The decision to file for bankruptcy (00:02:12)
Discussion about the impact of bankruptcy on marriages and families, encouraging openness and sharing of experiences.

Rick White’s bankruptcy story (00:04:08)
Rick shares his personal experience of going bankrupt in 1989, selling his shop to pay off debts, and facing the consequences of vendors going after him.

Cecil Bullard’s bankruptcy story (00:06:19)
Cecil talks about his experience of owing the IRS and the state of California a significant amount of money while owning multiple shops in Palm Springs.

The manager’s financial troubles (00:06:38)
The speaker discusses the financial troubles faced by the manager, including owing money to the IRS and having to sell off shops.

Bankruptcy and starting over (00:08:16)
The speaker shares their experience of declaring bankruptcy, moving to a new location, and starting over in their career.

Overcoming adversity and finding success (00:09:06)
The speaker talks about facing multiple challenges, including a severe injury, financial difficulties, and bankruptcy, but ultimately finding success and running a successful shop.

The bankruptcy decision (00:14:15)
The speaker talks about their experience with bankruptcy, the poor decisions made during a road construction project, and the stress levels they faced.

Encouraging others after bankruptcy (00:15:56)
The speaker discusses how they found peace and were able to encourage others who had also filed for bankruptcy.

Different types of bankruptcy (00:18:35)
The speaker shares their experience with Chapter 13 bankruptcy and emphasizes the importance of getting educated and seeking legal advice before making a decision.

The Tax Bill and Financial Guidance (00:20:24)
Discussion on the importance of being prepared for tax bills and the difference between a CPA and a CFO.

Bankruptcy and Learning from Failure (00:20:52)
Personal experience with bankruptcy and the lessons learned from failure and tough times.

Importance of Making Mistakes and Financial Advice (00:23:35)
Emphasizing the value of making mistakes, seeking financial advice, and the need to let go of pride and fear in business.

The importance of learning from mistakes (00:26:37)
Speaker 3 discusses the importance of learning from past mistakes and not allowing them to dictate future decisions.

Taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally (00:28:17)
Speaker 2 asks about how to take care of oneself emotionally and mentally during difficult times, and Speaker 5 shares his perspective and advice.

Moving forward and starting over (00:31:36)
Speaker 3 talks about the mindset shift and perspective change needed to move forward and start over after facing challenges and setbacks.

The bankruptcy experience (00:33:21)
Discussion on the perspective change needed when facing bankruptcy and the importance of not staying stuck in the pain.

The importance of relationships (00:35:10)
The significance of communication and support in relationships during challenging times, with a focus on being a provider and protector.

The reality of bankruptcy (00:36:28)
Acknowledging the hardships and difficulties of filing bankruptcy, along with the recommendation to explore alternative options before resorting to it.

The significance of talking to your significant other (00:40:02)
Importance of having open conversations with your spouse or significant other about business failure and not letting it define your identity.

Letting go of the baggage and learning from mistakes (00:40:38)
Discussion about the chains we create for ourselves and the need to let go of unnecessary baggage, learn from mistakes, and move forward.

The fear of failure and starting over (00:42:40)
Encouragement to not let the fear of failure prevent you from pursuing your passion again, learning from past mistakes, and finding success on the other side.

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