Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, Episode 72: Life After the Reservation: Winning Friends and Humbly Influencing People with Kendall Warnock, featuring Brian & Kim Walker. Brian and Kim Walker are smiling and standing side by side against a black and green background.

Life After the Reservation: Winning Friends + Humbly Influencing People w/ Kendall Warnock

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EPISODE: 072 – Life After the Reservation: Winning Friends + Humbly Influencing People w/ Kendall Warnock

From growing up on a Native American Indian reservation to a thriving, successful shop, Kendall Warnock found himself in a life-changing moment on September 27, 2002. He tells this inspiring story of rebuilding, creating an incredible team and making a name for his shop and his family in their Lincoln, Nebraska. 

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Growing up on the reservation (00:03:20)

Kendall shares his experience of growing up on the Omaha Indian Reservation and the challenges he faced.

Moving to Lincoln, Nebraska (00:05:20)

Kendall talks about his move to Lincoln, Nebraska, a city with a population of 300,000, and his initial struggles to adapt.

Breaking point and determination (00:07:08)

Kendall recounts a pivotal moment in his life when he decided to make a change and stop using food stamps, showing his determination to create a better future.

The turning point (00:08:00)

Kendall discusses the moment when he decided to stop using food stamps and make a change in his life.

Working in the automotive industry (00:08:23)

Kim asks Kendall about his experience working at different shops and dealerships before starting his own business.

Moving to downtown Lincoln (00:13:35)

Kendall talks about the decision to move his shop to downtown Lincoln and the challenges and successes that came with it.

The road construction project and downsizing (00:15:38)

The guest talks about how a road construction project and their failure to downsize led to the demise of their shop.

Moving back to Louisiana (00:16:47)

The guest discusses how they felt called by the Lord to move back to Louisiana after closing their shop and going through bankruptcy.

The importance of coaching and getting support (00:19:33)

The guest emphasizes the importance of getting coaching and support in order to understand the business side of running a shop and improve as a business owner.

Maintaining Relationships and Seeking Growth (00:22:36)

Discussion on the importance of maintaining relationships but also recognizing the need to seek growth outside of one’s comfort zone.

Taking Care of Yourself for Business Success (00:24:26)

Emphasis on the importance of prioritizing personal health and fitness to ensure the ability to lead and support a team.

Core Values and Hiring Practices (00:27:19)

Exploration of the company’s core values, including integrity, pride, passion, giving back, humility, and consistent improvement, and how they inform hiring decisions and daily operations.

Marketing with Billboards (00:30:16)

Discussion of using electronic billboards to target specific audiences and track ROI.

Radio Advertising (00:33:08)

Exploration of the benefits and challenges of radio advertising, including a partnership with a local sports station.

Authentic Social Media Presence (00:35:50)

Importance of showcasing personal values, team dynamics, and family life on social media to build trust and connection with customers.

Kendall’s introduction to “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (00:37:54)

Kendall talks about how he was introduced to the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and how it has had a profound impact on his life.

The impact of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (00:38:42)

Kendall discusses how the book has influenced his interactions with people and how he has recommended it to various groups, including a high school football team and university classes.

Offer to send the book to the first three people who email (00:40:28)

In honor of Kendall, the host offers to send a copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to the first three people who email their address, emphasizing the life-changing impact of the book.

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