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Designing Your Life w/ Scott Rusnak

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EPISODE: 068 – Designing Your Life w/ Scott Rusnak

Scott Rusnak is the author of “The Entrepreneurs’ Field Guide; Design Your Life Before Somebody Else Does It For You”. In this episode, Brian and Scott dig into actionable steps that business owners can implement to make sure they are living the life they want to live.

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The importance of having a coach (00:01:10)
Scott talks about the impact of having a coach in both cycling and surfing and how they pushed him to achieve more than he thought possible.

The power of the five most important people (00:02:32)
Scott discusses the concept of Dunbar’s number and how having a strong inner circle of people who know your core values can help you achieve anything in life.

Setting core values with a team (00:05:44)
Scott shares his approach to guiding people in discovering and defining their core values, emphasizing the importance of a team exercise and referencing a Harvard Business Review article.

Expressing Core Values (00:06:48)
Discussion on the importance of having actionable core values and how they can guide decision-making.

Gratitude and Core Values (00:08:55)
Exploration of the role of gratitude in starting the day and how it can positively impact mindset and motivation.

Planning Your Day (00:12:31)
Explanation of the concept of the blue zone and the significance of starting the day with a positive mindset and gratitude.

Transitioning into the Green Zone (00:13:17)
The speakers discuss the importance of easing into the day with a clear plan and priorities.

Workouts as Clarity Breaks (00:15:10)
The benefits of scheduling workouts as a way to clear the mind and find solutions to problems.

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle (00:17:35)
The impact of living in a minimalist home and how it helps minimize distractions and simplify life.

Following the Herd (00:20:04)
Discussion on the concept of following the herd and the desire to live a life that is not dictated by societal norms.

Finding Your Core Group (00:20:41)
Exploration of the importance of finding a smaller, more intimate group within larger associations or organizations to support personal growth and alignment with core values.

Health and Honest Conversations (00:21:39)
Focus on the significance of having open, honest, and healthy conversations within teams and the impact it has on trust, vulnerability, and personal growth.

The importance of scheduling fascinating moments (00:26:52)
Scott discusses the importance of scheduling exciting events throughout the year to provide fun and fascination.

Taking control of your time (00:27:32)
Scott emphasizes the need to take control of your time and not let others dictate how you spend your day, week, month, and year.

Designing your life intentionally (00:28:12)
Brian and Scott discuss the importance of knowing what you truly want in life and designing your life intentionally to achieve those goals.

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