What Do You Really Want? w/ Coach Nate Bailey

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EPISODE: 067 – What Do You Really Want? w/ Coach Nate Bailey

In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, host Brian Walker welcomes Coach Nate Bailey as his guest. They discuss the topic of “what do you really want?” and the importance of understanding one’s true desires beyond just career goals. They delve into the challenges of identifying what one wants, the impact of societal stigmas, and the need for clarity and support in the process. Coach Nate shares his personal experience of admitting their desire for six-pack abs and the deeper motivations behind it. They also discuss the mindset of being a business owner and the potential for growth and success. Coach Nate emphasizes the power of shared experiences, pushing oneself to overcome challenges, and the importance of self-care and self-awareness for leaders.

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The theme of the episode (00:00:10)
Introduction to the episode and the topic of “what do you really want?” with guest Coach Nate Bailey.

The challenges of knowing what you want (00:01:49)
Discussion on how people often know what they don’t want rather than what they do want, and the impact of the fast-paced, reactive nature of life.

The importance of being honest about what you want (00:04:23)
Exploration of the tendency to lie to oneself about desires and the need to stop complaining and take ownership of choices.

Admitting the Desire for Six Pack Abs (00:06:05)
Coach Nate discusses the difficulty of admitting the desire for six pack abs due to societal stigmas and the importance of being honest with oneself.

The Journey to Achieving Six Pack Abs (00:07:08)
Coach Nate emphasizes the hard work, discipline, and dedication required to achieve six pack abs and how it can translate to success in other areas of life.

Celebrating Others’ Success and Allowing Yourself to Succeed (00:10:43)
Brian and Coach Nate discuss the insecurity and jealousy that can prevent people from admitting their desires and celebrating others’ success, and how changing this mindset can lead to personal success and support from others.

The importance of clarity (00:12:25)
The significance of having clarity in order to have a clear path towards achieving goals.

Overcoming fear and past traumas (00:13:34)
The speaker talks about the difficulties of opening up and thinking big due to past traumas and failures, and emphasizes the need to let go and grow.

Staying true to yourself and not worrying about others’ opinions (00:15:25)
Coach Nate discusses the challenge of staying true to oneself and not being influenced by societal expectations or other people’s desires.

The importance of profitability (00:18:32)
Brian and Coach Nate the significance of being profitable as a business owner and the potential to serve more people and expand the business.

Building a team and reducing stress (00:20:08)
Exploration of the benefits of having a team to run the business, reducing the workload and stress on the owner.

The process of growth and creating a plan (00:22:37)
Encouragement to take the process of growth step by step, giving oneself grace and permission to take time to build a team and achieve goals.

Realizing Your Potential through Team Building (00:24:19)
The speaker discusses the power of going through difficult experiences together as a team, forming strong bonds and realizing one’s true potential.

The Importance of Self-care for Leaders (00:25:08)
The speaker emphasizes the importance of self-care for leaders, highlighting that taking care of oneself first is essential to showing up as a powerful leader for others.

Connecting with Coach Nate Bailey (00:26:28)
How listeners can connect. Coach Nate provides his website and social media channels as the best ways to reach out to him.

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Lagniappe (Books, Links, Other Podcasts, etc)
Coach Nate Bailey – https://natebailey.org/
Unleash the Leader – https://natebailey.org/ulw-experience/


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