A Shop Owner’s Story of Creating a New Logo

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EPISODE: 066 – A Shop Owner’s Story of Creating a New Logo

In this podcast episode, Brian Walker interviews Don Stardy from GLP Automotive, who shares his experience with creating a new logo for his shop. Don explains that he wanted a logo that accurately represented his business and attracted more customers. He decided to run a logo design contest through 99 Designs and received a total of about 160 designs to choose from. After a difficult selection process, he, his family, and some trusted advisors narrowed it down to 5 logos and then eventually settled on their new logo. Don discusses the challenges of implementing the new logo into various aspects of his business. Despite the challenges, he is excited about his new logo and believes it will draw attention to his business.

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The logo dilemma (00:02:11)
Don discusses the need for a new logo after realizing that customers were confused about his business.

Choosing 99 designs (00:05:08)
Don and Brian discuss the process of using 99 designs to create a new logo for the shop.

Including Lake Geneva (00:07:11)
Don emphasizes the importance of incorporating Lake Geneva into the new logo and the challenges he faced in finding designers who understood the distinction between Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

The logo design contest (00:07:43)
Discussion about the process of running a logo design contest and selecting a winning logo.

Narrowing down logo choices (00:08:06)
Explaining the multi-step process of receiving and narrowing down logo designs.

Implementing the new logo (00:12:58)
Challenges and considerations in implementing the new logo across various platforms and materials.

The process of creating a logo (00:14:42)
Brian shares his experience of creating his first logo and the importance of considering embroidery in the design.

Implementing a new logo (00:15:30)
Don mentions the process of implementing the new logo on various items, such as uniforms, and how it takes time and effort.

The benefits of using 99 designs for logo design (00:16:55)
The advantages of using 99 designs for logo design, including the ability to receive multiple design options and the subjective nature of logo preferences.

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