Marketing Mistakes and Kim’s Pet Peeves

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EPISODE: 063 – Marketing Mistakes and Kim’s Pet Peeves

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Talking Points

  • Why Pet Peeves? They’re annoying.  We don’t typically go negative, but sometimes there’s a time for it. 
  • We see them everywhere (busy billboards) – driving down the road, scrolling social, visiting websites…
  • What turns you off when looking for a product/service? Email us. Post in our group! 
  • Think about the customer journey – from their search for you all the way to after the purchase
  • My Personal Pet Peeves:
    • When a phone # is not clickable on a website
    • Seeing the same social media post on multiple profiles
    • No way to conveniently contact the company
    • Marketing that doesn’t match the experience
    • Voice mail that’s full 
    • FB Ads for a shop in another part of the country
    • Brand Confusion
    • Not responding to a phone message or form fill
    • Lack of CTA
  • My Team’s Marketing Mistakes Observations
    • Marketing that lacks cohesive messaging. Every medium is independent.
    • Going straight for the sale
    • Forgetting to promote your services
    • Marketing without learning
    • Hiring local or the cheapest
    • Having no plan
    • Not sharing who are you (literally and figuratively)
    • Not knowing your audience
    • Failing to go organic marketing
    • Believing Google Ads will save you
    • Stopping! I’m busy so let me stop my marketing…. Creates panic in the long run.
    • Not representing the entire team/shop
    • Lacking understanding in the value of a great website/landing page
    • Terrible phone skills

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