The Power of Negative Keywords in Your Google Ads Campaigns

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EPISODE: 059 – The Power of Negative Keywords in Your Google Ads Campaigns

You may often think about the terms you want your auto repair shop’s Google Ads to display for, but do you ever think about the terms you DON’T want them to display for? Every day shops waste money on irrelevant clicks on their pay-per-click ads. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Listen in to this short episode about the power of negative keywords.

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Talking Points
Timestamp 1 (00:01:13)
Explanation of the value and effectiveness of Google Ads for auto repair shops.

Timestamp 2 (00:02:28)
Explanation of negative keywords and how they can prevent ads from displaying for irrelevant search queries.

Timestamp 3 (00:04:31)
Discussion on the impact of ad quality score on the cost and placement of ads, and the importance of optimizing ads for better results.

Negative Keywords and Ad Quality Score (00:07:37)
Explains how negative keywords can improve ad quality score and prioritize ads based on relevance.

Finding Negative Keywords in Google Ad Console (00:08:32)
Discusses how to find negative keywords using the search query report in the Google Ad Console.

Using Negative Keywords for Competitors and Brand Names (00:11:44)
Covers the importance of using negative keywords for competitor names and brand names to avoid irrelevant ad displays.

Customer Acquisition Campaign (00:14:14)
Setting up a campaign to attract new clients to an auto repair shop and using negative keywords to exclude job-related searches.

Hiring Campaign (00:14:14)
Creating a separate campaign to target job seekers and using positive keywords related to auto repair jobs and careers.

Importance of Checking Negative Keywords (00:15:04)
The significance of regularly reviewing and discussing negative keywords with the person managing your Google Ads campaign.

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