Getting Ready For The 2023 Fall Conference Season

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EPISODE: 058 – Getting Ready For The 2023 Fall Conference Season

Brian and Kim discuss upcoming automotive events and conferences in the fall of 2023. They share their excitement about attending these events and highlight the training and networking opportunities they offer. They conclude the episode by mentioning their plans for the end of the year and thanking listeners for tuning in.

The Fall Conference Season (00:00:10)
Discussion about the fall conference season and the opportunity for training in the industry.

Marketing for Auto Repair Shops (00:03:35)
Introduction to the MARS conference organized by the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, focusing on marketing for auto repair shops.

ASCCA Educational Conference (00:06:13)
Information about the ASCCA Educational Conference in Costa Mesa, California, for members of the Automotive Service Council of California.

ASTE Conference (00:09:00)
Details about the ASTE conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, including the go-kart racing event and marketing classes.

BIMRS Conference (00:13:03)
Discussion about the BIMRS conference in Dallas for Euro shops.

FLACA Accelerate (00:15:08)
Discussion about teaching classes in Florida and attending the Florida Autocare Alliance’s Accelerate conference in Orlando.

TOOLS Conference in the PA (00:17:23)
Details about the TOOLS conference held in the Pocono Mountains, including classes, speakers, and family-friendly activities.

AAPEX and SEMA in Las Vegas (00:20:13)
Brian plans to attend AAPEX and SEMA as a spectator, networking, recording videos, and podcasts, and visiting Joe’s Garage.

Super Saturday at Mid Atlantic Auto Care Alliance (00:23:49)
Description: Mentions the upcoming Super Saturday event in Pennsylvania and provides details about the dates and location.

Plans for future trips (00:24:48)
Description: Talks about the possibility of attending future events and road trips, including a visit to the Northeast area.

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